Act from the heart and allow life to unfold as it will.

“Trust is yes. Knowing that this existence is our mother, that nature is our source and it can’t be against us. It can’t be inimical to us. Seeing this, understanding this, trust arises.” ~Osho~ 

Life, by it’s very nature, is constantly evolving, transforming and uncontrollable. Our role in this process is to learn how to recognize and step into the flow of energy, rather than fight against it. Our human perception is very narrow and to think that we can plan and rationalize the world around us accurately is laughable.

A higher source of truth moves through you. When the focus is on creating balance in your experience and detachment from the mechanisms of the ego-mind, you can trust the processes of life knowing that you are safe, guided, protected and loved each and every step of the way. This is not to say that challenges won’t arise – it only means that there is always a purpose to the challenges we face and trust keeps us from moving into resistance.

The key is learning how to trust even when you feel doubt. Do not wait for the doubt to disappear; instead, realize that trust absorbs doubt and transforms it into empowerment.

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