Old Soul Agreements

Old souls teach by example. Let your life be your message.

“Your Old Soul [aspect] has the ability to rise above the mundane events of life and put you in touch with the greater purpose of being here.” ~From Michael, The Basic Teachings~ 

Our world is primarily inhabited by Mature and Young souls; therefore, as an Old Soul, you may not have had many role models. One aspect of being an older soul is learning that it’s okay not to fit in. Most Old Souls struggle with unworthiness and that struggle typically plays a specific role in our awakening. Your belief system is probably a unique perception that has been cultivated after studying many different spiritual approaches.

We must learn detachment, acceptance and humor in order to see ourselves objectively. Utilizing this higher level of awareness, we are able to go with the flow more easily than younger souls. Prior to leaving this plane for new experiences, Old Souls must assist others with their spiritual journey.

The final Old Soul lesson is unconditional love for themselves and others. We must release everything that blocks us from love and learn to honor all paths as sacred. Act with integrity, do your best, accept what is. You are here to make a difference. Be being yourself, you participate in the awakening of our collective consciousness.

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