There is always something new to discover.

“What is the path? Residing in this very life, exactly as it is right now… liking or not liking has nothing to do with it.” ~Ezra Bayda~   

We humans are amazing, multi-faceted beings who are constantly in the process of helping one another to awaken. Notice your responses to those around you and, without judgment, simply seek to become a more conscious observer.

Your ability to greet the present moment with empowerment and peacefulness will continue to grow. There will come a point when you experience a situation that once was upsetting and come to recognize how differently you now respond to that person or situation. That is the power of spiritual awakening. It is a constant dance of experience, observation and right action.

Notice when you feel the need to complain about someone or something. Your reactive response demonstrates that something within you is ready to be healed or released. Rather than getting lost in the story, know that transformation is at hand and see the moment only as an opportunity to awaken.

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