Attachment brings suffering

The amount of disappointment you feel when a situation turns out differently than you expected is an indicator of how attached you were to a particular outcome.

“Seeing ourselves as the one who can get things done or being attached to the results of what we do will surely lead to frustration, disappointment and burnout.” ~Ezra Bayda~   

Life is a mystery. It cannot be controlled, understood or managed; therefore, we must learn how to flow with the energy of the events in our lives without creating additional resistance to the events that unfold.

When working from the level of mind, one may find oneself attempting to anticipate every contingency through pure focus and intellectual posturing. This can certainly work in many situations, giving the ego a false sense of control. As a feeling of security is created in this approach, invariably something will eventually unfold in a way that creates suffering, blame, frustration or anger when blockages are encountered. This is the moment of infinite potential. Will you stay attached or will you be open to something that is different from what you expected?

There is no ‘wrong’. There is only life and our response to it. If you can notice the challenge as it arises, observe your level of anxiety or frustration and immediately shift back into balance, you are doing exactly what was intended – practicing the art of moving to a higher level of consciousness.

Disappointment will happen. Change is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

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