The measure of success

Your life is meant to be a beautiful manifestation of awakening.
Your life is a work of art.

“The enlightened person has the ability to interpret life from many different perspectives. As your vibration increases, new viewpoints become available. Reactivity is an automated reaction that is driven by the ego. Observe these initial responses to the challenges in your life. It’s likely that you’ll notice the intensity and duration decrease as you awaken.”

Your success in the human experience has nothing to do with what you’ve accomplished on the physical plane, but how conscious you have become. The ego distracts us from our purpose by feeding thoughts into our psyche that limit our ability to see clearly. Many become caught up in achieving physical goals – monetary, finding ‘the one’, seeking notoriety, leaving a legacy – and miss the only purpose of existence, which is to awaken.

Change how you measure success. Using peace, compassion and joyfulness as barometers, observe your responses to the situations you encounter. How conscious can you remain in the face of a challenge? Do problems immediately knock you off balance or have you discovered your innate ability to face them with courage and appreciation?

Consider those whom you admire. What is it about them that sparks awareness within you? If you spot it, you got it! Your inspirational teachers are showing you the seeds of your own possibility.

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