Living with enthusiasm

Many have forgotten their true innocence and childlike wonder.

“If you really want to know, you will have to drop all your knowledge; you have have to unlearn it. You will have to become ignorant again, like a small child with wondering eyes, with alertness. You will be able to know not only your own being but also the being the exists in the world…”  ~Osho~

The ego-driven mind loves to accumulate knowledge. It can then sound off facts and figures, delineate life and pump itself up by “being right,” especially when compared to the accumulated knowledge of others. In the midst of his or her pontificating, a child may come along and jump into the experience, laughing with delight and innocence. Who understands the magic of life more? The adult with important knowledge or the child immersed in the present moment?

Your true being is already activated and alert; however, it is a forgotten language – the language of being. Over time and through experiences, we have added layer upon layer of stress and tension which blocks us from seeing clearly.

Many spiritual masters such as Buddha, Christ, Lao Tzu and Guanyin were considered very simple people. Their teachings point simply to the truth of Being and the importance of stripping away all that distracts us from it.

When your ego wants to jump in and speak, sharing your opinions and past experiences, choose instead to be silent. See the moment through the eyes of a child and allow laughter and innocence to guide you deeper into the present moment.

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