The path to love

Trust the process of awakening.

“The path to love requires open-hearted attention to the very things that seem to block our way to it.” ~Ezra Bayda~   

Sometimes it takes years (or lifetimes!) before we fully understand a particular aspect of our spiritual growth. We go through repetitive circumstances and often explore various aspects of the same lesson before we see it clearly and can finally move on, no longer needing that particular pattern in order to do our work. Thankfully, once enlightenment occurs, we feel liberated and it quickly becomes a fading piece of our history.

It can be difficult to see clearly when engaged with life’s challenges because intense emotions can be overwhelming. Keep this in mind when interacting with those who are caught in repetitive patterns of their own. The ego-mind is always resistant to insight; however, we know that awakening will eventually occur. Your actions can easily plant seeds that will eventually play a role in someone’s transformation. 

Trust that life will unfold in the perfect way at the perfect time. We all seek the same Oneness; however, each path is unique and each of us must do our own work.

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