Life Responds

You are more powerful than you realize.

“The big question is whether you’re going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.”    

~Joseph Campbell~ 

Empowerment means that we take full responsibility for how our life experience unfolds. Even seemingly random events or coincidences have their beginnings in the workings of the subconscious. We constantly see our most deeply held beliefs played out in the world of form.

Pay attention to the repetitive occurrences that have plagued your life. They are a great way to witness yourself breaking free from old ways of being. As you awaken, you’ll see a reflection of higher levels of consciousness in your experiences until you notice, finally, that the old pattern dissolves.

Create a space in which a transformation can occur. Rather than reacting in the same old manner, decide to be a pioneer of spirit. Focus your thoughts and intention, drop the need for conflict and joyfully watch as the energy you send out into the world returns in amazing ways.

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