All indecision is a by-product of a mind that has been temporarily taken over by the ego. It causes procrastination and eventually slows forward momentum because we are afraid to make a mistake. Even when a choice is made, the indecision lingers when the mind focuses on the ‘shoulds’ and ‘what ifs’ instead of joy. Sometimes the only way out of this situation is to let go of all illusion of control and take a leap of faith. The resulting free-fall will bring you fully present and into the experience instead of lost in thought.

When choices are based upon love, passion or joy the fear dissipates. Now, instead of analyzing the pros and cons we discover the empowerment which comes simply from living in one’s truth. Beyond the questions of right and wrong, we find what is appropriate for our unique journey and stop comparing our decisions upon others’ beliefs or expectations. Every situation offers an opportunity to succeed or learn something new.

Be willing to release the things which no longer serve you. Your limitless potential is waiting to be explored.

Today my intention is to be at peace with the Now. Beyond thought, there is only my state of consciousness and this dictates how I choose to respond to life.

Going with the flow of life

In every moment we have the opportunity to flow with what life offers or fight against it. Spirituality is often compared to water – we develop the ability to flow, be relaxed and at ease while allowing life to guide us right where we need to be. The ego loves to plan, struggle and make comparisons, live in judgment… these approaches are all merely distractions so that we don’t see how easy it is to flow with what is.

Learning to trust means that you are no longer fighting. Surrendering is not apathy, but the authentic realization that the present moment is not the enemy. Once we live at ease within the flow, it becomes easy to connect to the joy of awakening. Be one with the present moment. Seek to discover all that it has to offer – too many sleepwalk through life, waiting for something to happen and miss the very powerful fact that life itself is happening and all that we seek is within us.

Let water be your teacher – flow silently, flow easily, move around obstacles and allow your loving actions to gently and permanently change all that you touch on the way by. Even the hardest rock is eventually transformed by a consistent flow (even a trickle!) of water… and so it is with love.

Today my intention is to be at ease with what is. I trust life and the processes of my awakening.


The role of relationship in awakening

Relationships often show us the unhealed aspects of ourselves. When your higher Self is ready to work on a particular issue, an energetic request for assistance is sent out. Loving souls respond and play a role that will trigger old wounds and we find ourselves repeating a familiar pattern. In that moment, the process of healing begins. We notice the ego in play, recognize how well (or how poorly) we respond and there it resides,easily accessible on the surface. Everyone has these subtle layers of energy that have built up over lifetimes. We carry our wounds until we are ready to release them.

With this in mind, remember that this planet is a school built specifically so that we may become enlightened through our human experiences. Life is not as serious as the mind makes it out to be. We learn by going back to playful innocence and opening ourselves to receive something fresh and new. Happiness is your birthright. The more playfulness you bring into your experience, the more opportunities you find to immerse yourself in the light, love and laughter of the Divine. Often, a simple change of perspective changes everything.

It is not your partner’s (or your parents, or your coworker’s) job to make you happy – each of us is responsible for our own joy. As we develop our own inner richness and maturity, we drop the patterns of the past, see through the illusion, break the chains of limitation, understand the incredible value of contrasts and move into a new dimension of understanding. Bless the teachers of your life.

Today my intention is to ask for more understanding so that I may consciously and lovingly shape my world and experiences.

Needing to be understood

One challenge that many spiritual seekers encounter is opposition from those around them. The ego may, for a time, flame the inner struggle between the desire to be accepted versus the soul’s desire to live in one’s truth. Those who oppose you teach you how to be authentic. They will be the first to point out when your actions are hypocritical. They will demand explanations and then pick apart spiritual ideas in such a way that cause the newly awakened to doubt their own experiences and insight; however, this articulation (especially to oneself) is an important aspect of spiritual awakening.

As long as your attention is focused on others, you cannot turn it inwards – and self-realization only happens to those who cultivate an inner connection to the Divine by going inward. True empowerment resides in humility and enlightenment. When you notice the ego’s desire to be right, to score points off a frustrating person or even to be recognized as a spiritual master, go within and consciously release the need to speak. Watch how strongly the mind responds… there will come a time when you will find yourself walking through life content, whole and peaceful. That will make a greater statement than changing someones mind, performing miracles that others witness or temporary adulation from the uninitiated.

Today my intention is to celebrate the journey. Each step has provided countless opportunities to learn and I am at ease within the miracle of this moment.


Harmony, faith and intuition

When we live in harmony with all that surrounds us, we learn how to be in the moment and leave the past behind. The awakened spirit sees life as a dance with the Divine where adventures await. As we release our fears, knowing that we are loved and supported each step of the journey, an innocence and trust emerges. This support makes itself known in unusual and ever evolving ways and we learn to follow our inner guidance and intuition.

Making the leap into the unknown is nothing less than a leap of faith. In the beginning this can be very difficult – we have spent lifetimes cultivating our knowledge. However, maturity allows us to surrender with joy to what is, continually release the past and go on trusting as we walk forward. Every situation has something to teach and with this inner flowering and wholeness comes unlimited possibility.

All of life’s experiences have brought you here to this moment of perfection and this moment carries a gift. The eternal beauty of your being sparkles with joy and excitement at the thought of our never-ending journey of discovery.

Today my intention is to dance in the rain. I release all control to the Divine. I am at peace with myself and with life.

Slow down and allow life to unfold

There is no need be enslaved by expectations that you have placed upon yourself. It’s time to reside in the fullness of who you are Now. There is a new quality of acceptance that awaits discovery underneath the illusions we create, and you may find that you welcome this moment in a way that you never did before. Home, peace and beauty reside within you, perfect in the stillness. The key is to be at ease with whatever you choose to do. Approaching life in a way that is centered, loving, alert, joyous and grateful allows space for your true Divine nature to emerge.

When we release expectation around timing, self-imposed “shoulds” and impatience, we allow the Divine nature of life to emerge (without interference). Everything is transformed into a dance of Oneness. Even challenges become a doorway through which we can share the expression of the awakened soul. It is simply the right time to be who you are and celebrate your unique way of being.

Today my intention is to remember that whatever I am guided to do will be a success.



Life’s simple pleasures

Great beauty can be found in the simple, ordinary things of life. Even the most mundane of tasks take on a sacred quality when approached with awareness, intention and gratitude. It’s important to remember that you dictate how your life unfolds by the energy that you bring to the situations you encounter. When we act out of love, without expectation or attachment, wholly involved in the Now, we can become one with the moment itself.

Be patient with yourself. Sometimes all that is required is a peaceful alertness as we learn to exist aligned and in tune with the energy of the planet. This is a time full of mystery… like the dawning of a new day, there is a quiet anticipation as the awakening happens all around us. In the silence, limitless possibilities await.

Be aware of your relationship to the world around you. Our interconnectedness is becoming more apparent with each passing moment and we learn to see life as a mirror that supports us in becoming whole. The spiritual seeker is learning oneness – through interactions, gratitude, reflection and exploration.

Today my intention is to be fulfilled, blissful, peaceful and what my extraordinary life unfold.

How the mind creates stress

Many people believe that they need to take care of everyone around them. The struggle and juggle until they make themselves sick with worry. Usually at the peak of this experience, they’ll get sick or have an accident which forces them to release control, if only for a little while… and even then they worry about everyone they are letting down by not being there.

Nurturing yourself is the greatest gift that you can give those you love. Take the time to walk alone, savor the textures of life or read a book. Recharge and renew your beautiful spirit and strength. We can help others much more by allowing them the opportunities to struggle, succeed, learn and overcome their own challenges. By excessive overdoing, one actually holds another back from learning their own lessons.

The spiritual seeker brings mindfulness to the situations in which they find themselves immersed – sometimes taking action and at others choosing to observe, the purposeful soul knows the value of a challenge and provides support for those around them. Listen to the messages you receive from your body and from the reflection of life around you. Stress and tension are always indicators that we are becoming stuck in the mind and need to reassess how we are approaching the present moment.

Today my intention is to be at peace. All that I need will unfold at the perfect way at the perfect time.

The melody of love

The vibration that you bring to the planet is unique. We all blend together, weaving beautiful energy, texture and tone that flows throughout the Universe – a masterpiece in the making. Change is the natural order of life. We can resist or flow and even though we may not see the outcome of certain circumstances at the moment (or ever), realize that you are being guided and supported throughout the process.

Teachers walk among us. Healers open to channel the energy of the Divine. Angels are ready to spring into action. Every spark of life dances in celebration within the melody of love. No matter what role you play, you are being asked to trust and allow the circumstances of your life to unfold now. Live in your truth and allow grace to flow within your experience.

Today my intention is to imagine the life of my dreams and live it now.

Possibility, probability and choice

The world of form, and our understanding of it, is constantly changing and evolving. Everything vibrates at its own rate and frequency and therefore contains a particular set of possibilities that we work within to experience what we desire for our soul’s growth. Our expectations and beliefs trigger a set of probabilities within the framework of our previous experience. This is why several people can participate in the same physical experience yet have a different perception of what occurred.

Life itself is a never-ending dance of possibility, probability and choice. When we notice a particular pattern emerge, we now understand that it is a reflection of a deeply held belief or wound from the past which continues to manifest in various ways within our experience. Therefore, you can consciously transform your physical world experiences by learning to change your thoughts. Notice any limitation that you work within and shift from “I can’t” or “everyone always” to “wouldn’t it be nice if…” or something similar which opens the realm of possibility.

In order to create, we must state our intention, be willing to receive and step into the grace of the Divine. Life responds to our thoughts and beliefs and it is time to open to a greater understanding of how this amazing playground of experience works.

Today my intention is to trust the process of my awakening. All things work toward my highest good.