You are loved

Dance within the love, light and laughter of the universe.

“Trust is yes. Knowing that this existence is our mother, that nature is our source and it can’t be against us, it can’t be inimical to us. Seeing this, understanding this, trust arises.” 
A shift in perception can create powerful changes in your life. Awareness calls upon us to consistently focus upon the blessings that surround us. This purposeful act of gratitude and willingness opens the door to new experience.

The challenges we face allow us to cultivate the ability to rise above fear, to act with empowerment and faith and ultimately surrender to what is. Every circumstance has a purpose and all life supports our spiritual growth and awakening.

We are on a grand adventure. Here, playing in time and space, we walk with one another through life’s experiences. Each of us is supported in ways beyond imagining. Be patient. Immerse yourself within this moment and discover the joy of being.
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