This is the Moment of Awakening

Look within and discover the perfection in your imperfection. You are an awakening master… and there is always room for growth.

“This growing freedom of the heart brings the courage to question, to clarify and refine for ourselves the teachings we have swallowed whole. We shift from believing in ideals to discovering the wisdom that emerges from our own experience.”
~Jack Kornfield~

Treat yourself with the same compassion, kindness and consideration that you so willingly give to those you love. Know that in order to truly discover wholeness, we must first  learn how to be fully present within each situation and with every person with whom we interact.

No matter what unfolds, you are experiencing what is required for the current phase of your spiritual growth. Even the simplest of interactions has infinite messages layered within it. Find enlightenment doing the laundry, being with your children, or in the smile of a dog. You are surrounded by love. When you embody this wholeness into your life, you are well on your way to new levels of understanding.

Allow your spiritual awareness to extend throughout every aspect of your experience. Bring a higher level of consciousness to each situation with the intention of utilizing it as part of your personal journey of awakening. With the emergence of wisdom, the heart expands to encompass everything as Divine.

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