Do things differently

You have the power to break free from old patterns and conditioning.

“It is only in our thoughts that ideas, beliefs, and problems become solid, dark and unyielding. Reality itself is moveable, light, ever-changing. In our mind we seem trapped, in reality we are utterly free.”
~Ezra Bayda~

Part of the human condition is dealing with intense emotions that arise, such as anger, frustration or disappointment, and choosing to learn from them rather than being a slave to them.

Choose one emotion and spend the day practicing Non-manifestation. This means that you’ll notice when it arises and make a conscious effort not to express it in your thoughts or actions. This conscious effort leads to greater awareness. You’ll discover that by not allowing the thoughts to get a foothold, that the negative emotion dissipates more quickly.  Keep in mind that this doesn’t lead to apathy or feeling like a doormat. Conversely, it creates space for mindful choices and actions.
Ezra Bayda teaches that the five steps of healing are:
1) Recognizing – notice the patterns
2) Reframing – see the emotion as a path to healing
3) Clarifying – understanding the beliefs and expectations that we have
4) Bringing focused awareness to the physical experience
5) Letting the whole experience be – creates compassion for others
It’s time to commit ourselves to a life of joy. This is the moment of transformation, you are ready and there are endless facets of consciousness to explore.
Today my intention is to take brief pauses throughout the day to bring myself fully present. This allows my life to be a walking meditation.
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