Seeing from the Universal perspective

This life is the perfect opportunity to learn important Universal lessons.

“Ask yourself how a universal perspective can bring a wise and heartfelt response to the difficulty you face.”
~Jack Kornfield~

As we become more conscious we often seek to help others around us to discover the empowerment and joy that we feel. Allow your life to be your message as you become a living example of the awakened way of being.

Lessons have more impact when one has to walk through them personally, face their own shadow, seek answers, fumble and falter (if needed) and finally experience the joy of an “aha!” moment that changes their perspective.

Occasionally, a newly inspired healer will simply want to assist in taking away everybody’s pain or newfound wealth may cause one to alleviate all their loved ones financial difficulties. Both actions stem from a desire to help; however, one must take into account what the others’ soul is trying to learn, why challenges have been manifested and begin the process by seeing if such an action is appropriate.

Imagine you have the ability to heal and you simply extended that energy to everyone you encountered. If that person required their pain in order to learn a particular lesson, it is likely that it will manifest again  for the benefit of their spiritual growth. Likewise, if you repeatedly bail a family member out of financial difficulties, are you actually blocking them from breaking free of poverty consciousness?

Allow the opportunity to learn. Take the opportunity to love. Be guided by your inner wisdom.
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