Inspiration, motivation and transformation

Life is meant to be a constant process of growth and experience… each moment shedding old layers of limitation and belief while discovering new facets of our divine potential. The transformation of suffering into something empowering and beautiful begins with the ability to see the necessity of opposites. In darkness, we discover the magnificence of the light. We walk through shadows, facing fear and limitation, only to emerge transformed and courageous. Once we learn that all things participate together for the sole purpose of our growth, we can more easily move into a state of acceptance.

Sometimes you have to be who you aren’t in order to discover who you are – this is also the dance of opposite polarities. Each side of the coin serves a purpose and one cannot exist without the other. The beauty is in the contrast. Accept all aspects of life as part of the human experience and become a loving witness.

As the observer, you will remain able to see objectively, experience the present moment consciously and process new information and insight. This is an important aspect of spiritual growth. It’s important to ensure that we don’t begin to identify with the judgments, stories or absorb the suffering – instead, we simply seek bliss now from wherever we are with what we have and move forward from there.

Today my intention is to embrace change. This is the moment of transformation.

Detached compassion

Sometimes love means allowing others to learn from their own suffering rather than trying to take the suffering away. We all learn our greatest lessons from the challenges in our lives, and the misguided desire to save someone pain can actually prolong it. The struggles of the world awaken empathy within us and allow us to relate to others. When you witness someone caught in the distress and frustration of an inner struggle, remembering that their soul is engaged in profound growth may help you to judge them less.

The greatest gifts that you can give another are kindness and acceptance. Our role is to create a space in which a transformation can occur – this is how you assist those you love. In the silence of the heart, love whispers. Spiritual work is possible Now – notice whatever arises and choose to see the value in it. Let life guide you through the layers of perception and repeatedly seek to expand into love.

Today my intention is to remember that we all walk the transformative path to freedom.

Divine power within you

The source of all love and light resides within you. It does not ebb and flow, it simply waits with patience ready to be of service. When you feel drained, all that is required is that you go within to tap into this energy. It fires the imagination, expands with intention and allows you to be one with life. Seek the Divine within yourself, seek it within others and experience it within the miracle of growth, death and rebirth.

When aligned with the power of Now, everything is transformed. You become the alchemist whose awareness changes energy into light, love, compassion and creativity as your divine potential is expressed.

Whatever you choose to do, do it mindfully – completely aware and fully present. This allows you  to experience life spontaneously without projections or expectation because all of your attention is involved in the experience itself rather than in the thoughts about it.

Today my intention is to remember that this moment is a dance with the Divine.

Fear and the ego

Fear is the created by the perception that one is alone and disconnected from the Divine. All fear is generated by the ego – that little voice in the head which creates the images and thoughts of worst case scenarios – and it blocks us from experiencing all the beauty and potential that the moment has to offer.

There is no need to prove anything and we can detach from fear by reminding ourselves that everything works toward our highest good (regardless of how it appears) and all that you need is already within you. Since fear and love cannot coexist, as you release fearful thoughts, love enters.

When you wish to manifest transformation in your life, seek the joy in the present moment. Practice gratitude and you will become a magnet for more things for which to be grateful. All the energy that you send out into the world returns to unexpected ways.

Let each day simply be a walking meditation, a communion with the Divine and seek that connection within each and every interaction. Blessings await!

Today my intention is to move beyond limited human thinking and live in alignment with the Divine where all things are possible.

The power of unconditional love

Unconditional love frees us from hatred and violence because judgment and love cannot coexist in the same space. Each and every time that we make the conscious choice to show love, we step into empowerment and begin to create a new reality. In every situation, you can ask yourself, “How can I present the best version of myself in this moment?” The answer is always found in love.

To access the realms of acceptance, compassion, kindness and love, we must first cultivate those qualities within ourselves. All life is a reflection of what is occurring on the inner. Think of the joy you experience in those moments of freedom – freedom from self sabotage, limiting thoughts, doubt, anxiety or fear – and know that you can absolutely live in the frequency of love right now if you choose.

Experience the joy that comes from living in conscious partnership with the Divine. Be the change that you wish to see and honor each step of the path as sacred. You are a master in the process of awakening.

Today my intention is to be gentle and kind with myself as I grow and change.

Beyond Illusion

No matter how long one walks in the dark, illumination is always at hand. The only goal of human existence is to awaken to who we truly are and each of us must ultimately walk the journey alone. Release the things which bring stress to your experience. When you find yourself juggling too many tasks at once, struggling to please those around you or placing excessive demands upon yourself, recognize that you have the ability to shift the energy. Beyond the illusion lies the peace and silence of your inner wisdom.

The emerging freedom will allow you to be as a butterfly releasing from the cocoon – forever transformed with new and exciting aspects of life to explore. Be willing to release any patterns within yourself that have created limitation in your life. The natural progression of spiritual awakening will allow you to navigate the journey in a way that is wholly unique.

Today my intention is to remember that whatever I need to know will be revealed to me at the perfect time.

Healing Visualization

This is a visualization that will create an energy of healing, forgiveness and peace around yourself or any situation. I use three crystals to enhance the vibration – rose quartz (for unconditional love), amethyst (emotional balance and spiritual wisdom) and blue calcite (removes emotional blockages); however, it can also be done without them to great effect.

Spend a few moments in silence. Feel yourself being at ease in the Now. Breathe consciously and deeply and visualize your crown chakra opening to receive the love of the Universe.

  • Hold the rose quartz and see pink light as it weaves a protective layer of energy around you saying, “I offer forgiveness to all those who have ever harmed me, knowingly or unknowingly, in all times, places, spaces and dimensions. Thank you for the role you have played in my souls growth.”
  • Hold the amethyst and see purple light weave a protective layer of energy around you saying, “I humbly ask forgiveness from all those whom I have ever harmed, knowingly or unknowingly, in all times, spaces, places and dimensions. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your souls growth.”
  • Hold the blue calcite and see blue light as it weaves a protective layer of energy around you knowing that emotional healing will occur on all levels, throughout every cell and situation, wherever it is needed.

Today my intention is to remember that this is the moment of transformation.

Manifesting change

Each of us has the capacity to create powerful transformation and momentum in our lives. All movement, interestingly enough begins with a thought – “I’d like more abundance to flow into my experience, I’d like to be healthier, I’d like to feel more fulfilled” – and yet it’s our thoughts that so often work against us.

So how can you retrain the mind to be the tool it was meant to be? By choosing to consciously realign your thoughts and intention back to the end results of happiness and live it now rather than allow them to get trapped within the whys, hows and whens. Observe your thoughts and notice how often they are supportive of your goals and dreams and how often they block your path. Observation is a wonderful tool for self-transformation. Awareness allows us to consciously make decisions that support our own health and well-being.

Spiritual awakening is a process. Periodically reassess how far you have come and compare your insights and responses to life to those you may have experienced six months, a year or five years ago. The Universe may even place an old friend in your path to demonstrate your own growth to yourself. Be kind and patient as you go through this process.

Today my intention is to release the things which no longer serve me, thus creating the space in which a transformation can occur.


All transformation begins with willingness. Willingness to receive, listen, take risks, cultivate compassion, look within, forgive, heal or move. Until we reach this level of consciousness, we subconsciously thwart our own desires. If you aren’t willing to engage with life from this beautiful space, it might be worthwhile to ask yourself why.

We cling to old patterns because they are familiar. It’s easier, sometimes, to live in the stories of the ego while complaining, blaming or staying angry. If you wish to experience change, you must be willing to own your own stuff, look past the ego, find the gift and realize that it’s healthy to step out of your comfort zone.

When unaware of the reason why you may be unwilling to step into joy, simply observe where you are without judgment. In the midst of a challenge, take the time to be grateful for the lesson, even if you have no idea what it is yet. The willingness to approach life from this frequency opens the pathways of understanding.

From a spiritual standpoint, there is no good or bad – only experience and how we choose to meet it. And yet, we often categorize everything as such without realizing that there is value in every moment when we choose to look for it.

Today my intention is to be willing to see the gift in every situation. My willingness ensures that the gift will be found.

Raising frequencies

With each conscious step forward your vibration increases in frequency. This energy flows through every cell and is expressed throughout your experience in myriad ways. As we leave fear behind, we discover that new doors of perception open… it’s time to walk through them. As your vibration changes, so does your life. Sometimes we outgrow old ways of being. Things that once worked don’t have the same impact they once did or we begin to look at circumstances so differently that we step away from the people and places with which we’ve been comfortable. This is a natural progression of your soul’s development. It is loving and healthy to release the things which no longer serve your growth.

The more you allow yourself to raise your vibration, the more you will be able to see the power of your ability to create movement as you walk the Path of Transformation. As we change, the world around us is transformed. Pay particular attention to the types of energy you allow into your life. Our frequency can change based upon the foods we put into our bodies, the books we read, tv shows we watch or the people we spend time with. Ask your inner guidance if the choices you make are expanding or limiting. Each conscious decision works together to help you create healing and movement forward in your life.

Today my intention is to release that which no longer serves me. I am ready to receive, rejoice, expand and dance in the light of love.