The garden of enlightenment

This moment is filled with unlimited potential. It is time to allow seeds of possibility to be scattered throughout your life in celebration and love. Who knows where they may fall? This flowering of energy desires only to be shared. Invite joy into your experience by living in harmony with the present moment.

This recognition of the abundance already flowing to you may prompt you to reach out to others. The seeds you sow with your kindness and compassion will create a garden of enlightenment. So, nurture the growth, remove any weeds that pop up and rejoice in the miracle of change.

You are the creator of your experience. This is the time to consciously choose your thoughts, words, intentions and actions well, knowing that the seeds you sow today will become the gifts of tomorrow.

Today my intention is to nurture and share the gifts of my life.

Judgment and joy cannot coexist

There is a way to live in the world and still be happy. Spiritual awakening calls upon us to immerse ourselves deeper within life instead of separating ourselves from it. Since life responds to you, all that is needed for your awakening will present itself to you at the perfect time. The only prerequisite is that you be fully present and conscious within the Now so that mental preoccupation doesn’t distract from the beauty and opportunity that is available.

Times of great sorrow have the potential to be times of great transformation. When it arises, don’t run from the pain, go deeper within it without any blame or self-pity. The resulting insight and awareness will awaken the soul to new possibility. When we release all judgment and attachment, we open ourselves to receive the gifts of spirit.

Judgment and joy cannot coexist. One cannot say, “I just want my life to be peaceful!” while seeking out irritation. Complains, getting lost in the story or blaming others are distractions. Fortunately, we are the creators of our experience… drop your questions, the worry, the story and be here Now. Love what is regardless of how it appears with the knowledge that you are supported and guided each step of the way.

It can sometimes be challenging to change a lifetime of habit. Spiritual awakening is a process and to be certain, there will be times when you shine and others when you miss the mark a bit. Should that occur, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, find the humor and take one more step forward. Your path is sacred. You are sacred. Do not block yourself with limiting thoughts regarding your worthiness, for the Divine (in all it’s perfection) seeks to experience life through you.

Today my intention is to share my gifts in a way that is expansive and fulfilling. My desire is to be an open channel for love, light and laughter.



Go within

Go within… this message reverberated in my dreams and drifted along with me as I swam upwards to a state of consciousness this morning.

Whenever an imbalance is encountered, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual malaise, the answer lies within you. Most people on the Path of Transformation have heard that phrase hundreds, if not thousands, of times on their unique journey without realizing the depth of that concept.

The ego, as our teacher, has a very loud presence until we begin to shine the light of consciousness upon it. I visualize the ego as one of the three stooges, dressed in striped prison garb trying to sneak past, but getting caught in the spotlight during a prison break. This amusing image always makes me giggle and it breaks me away from whatever story is being produced by the mind. Once the ego is quieted, I can choose to remove myself from the distractions of whatever the world says is important, the story of the ego, or the drama and dysfunction of others to create a moment of silence.

In the silence, we create a space in which transformation can occur. Whenever you find yourself running in circles, trying to fix something in your life (like a financial, health or weight issue), feeling overwhelmed by stress or in a relationship challenge, notice the simple fact that you are looking outside of your Self for inner peace. The answer lies within you but you may be temporarily distracted. How many times have you searched frantically to find a pair of glasses, only to find them on the top of your head…? Same thing.

Creating love, prosperity, flow, joy, movement, peace, or anything you can dream of in your human experience begins by discovering that old patterns have been limited you. Go within… all that you need is here in the present moment.

Today my intention is to rejoice in appreciation of the little things in life which bring me so much joy, thus creating a connection to my inner knowledge and ability to listen. I ultimately know that the direction I need will come quietly from within.


The power of thought

Never underestimate the power of your thoughts. Happiness is a state of mind that we can choose in each moment and yet many have a core belief that they cannot be happy until everything is flowing with ease in their world or happiness eludes them because of things that have happened in the past or may happen in the future. Herein lies the challenge of holding a cherished outcome. We desperately want things to go well and yet life has a tendency to offer disappointments. The human condition often experiences frustration, despondency, impatience or anger throughout the day. So much, in fact, that it is hardly noticed and even thought of as “normal”. People seem to look upon authentically joyful people as if something is wrong with them, they are “out of touch with reality” or faking.

Hugh Prather talks about the quest for happiness in this way:

There is a mental state – it could perhaps be called the grounds for happiness – that passes gently and easily over the endless nonsense that litters the day. Like a gentle breeze, it refreshes everything but disturbs nothing. It is happy being itself. And being something, it has something to give. Its opposite is the mental state that is constantly getting entangled and pulled down by almost everything. Unhappiness is undisciplined, agitated, and above all, scared. Having no integrity, no calm inner direction, it takes its cue from whatever problem is perceived to be before it now.

The love within you is stillness, an allowing, and above all, a choice. Happiness and anger cannot coexist and while the ego seeks justification for an angry response, it is still a choice that one makes at the level of mind. Because anger is an aspect of the ego, and does not reside at the stillness of your being, it can be relinquished without hypocrisy. When the mind wants to respond in anger, notice it and choose an opposite response or simply observe what happens when you choose not to include anyone else in your distress. It takes practice, because attachment to outcomes has become habitual for many, but you have the power to retrain the mind. Notice any unhappiness that arises, observer the thoughts that preceded the emotion and take a moment to focus on seeing past the thoughts to the core of your being.

Today my intention is to embrace the Now with joy, taking quiet pauses to experience life without expectation. Mindfulness is a constant practice which brings me peace.

Inner mastery

Mastery is not about having power over others, but over oneself. Each of us walks the Path of Transformation as masters in the process of awakening… the only difference is in how much awareness one has attained.

There is no way to teach truth, it must be authentically lived in each and every moment. It is beyond words, an energy transmission that flows from enlightened ones to those with whom they come in contact. Many go to spend times with various teachers just to bask in this energy. It is revitalizing, inspiring and captivating and brings a sense of balance to those who are ready to receive.

True support, whether between teacher and student, friendships, family or love, leaves enough space for the winds of heaven to dance in between. We allow others to stand individually, rotted in their own Divine connection, with no desire that things be anything other than what they are. The sharing of insight, kindness and compassion flows without any attachment to desired outcomes and is truly unconditional.

There is a deep desire which emanates from the core of your being to live in harmony with life itself. As we move from the known into the unknown, this eternal dance takes us forward to live again and again until we become aware of our inner mastery.

No matter what the situation, you can choose joy. Even in the midst of great transformation, there is great clarity rooted in the stillness deep at the core of your being and it is available for you now. In every moment we have the option to accept or reject what is. Rejection brings pain while acceptance creates a flow of ease and grace within one’s experience.

Today my intention is to live in harmony with the Now and share this gift of joy and acceptance with those who grace my path with their presence.

Gratitude Walks

Gratitude carries powerful, high vibration energy. It removes us from the mundane and expands us in such a way that we connect with the infinite love of the universe. Bringing gratitude into your life is simplicity itself:

  • Each morning, before you do ANYTHING, go outside and breathe the air
  • Begin by speaking aloud all the things for which you are grateful
  • If someone/something challenging comes to mind, find reasons to be grateful for that situation or person (sometimes, surprising things do come to mind)
  • Last, stop and listen. I love to quiet the mind until I hear five different bird voices, but adjust your attention to what is offered to you, whether it is cars, dogs, humans, etc.

You cannot think and listen at the same time. You have just provided yourself with a moment of reflection without the interference of the ego. This sense of peace is always within you. It is hidden underneath the seemingly never ending layers of thought.

Gratitude Walks proclaim to the Universe your desire and willingness to create peace in this moment. They shift your energy to a higher level so that you can greet the day and what it has to offer from a higher perception and place of personal power.

Take yourself there – you have this ability right now, in this moment, no matter who you are or what your life circumstance. You have a choice to select this moment of freedom. Yes, there are atrocities all around the globe, every day. There is war, disease, fear, people hurting one another, the hatred we see evidenced in politics and on television each day. Mankind, for the most part, lives in dysfunction and completely lost in ego.

You have the choice to feed the energy of what you don’t want in your life or put your energy into what is working for you and what you’d like to create next. You are not a victim. Beauty is within your reach. The key is taking small steps in the right direction and see where they lead you. As Lau Tzu said in the Tao Te Ching, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Will you take it?

Today my intention is to dance with the joy of life.

The spirit of adventure

It doesn’t matter what perceived mistakes, blockages or limitation have blocked you from realizing your dreams. The action that you take today will create a flow of energy based upon your intention. “What if’s…?” may have held you back in the past; however, the relief and momentum generated from taking just one conscious step will make you wonder why you waited so long.

When we see beyond the fear generated by the ego, we begin to rise above our limiting thoughts. They may still remain but will lose their hold upon you. In the stillness of a quieted mind, you may find yourself grateful, joyful and ready to receive… the blockages of the past transformed into teachers that point you the way home.

Limitation is an illusion. When one finds the courage to step into his or her power, those around them become inspired. We teach others by living our truth to the best of our ability. It’s natural to feel a little shaky when spreading your wings to fly but this is an opportunity to experience the freedom that exploration has to offer.

Today my intention is to be willing to take a risk, step outside of my comfort zone and honor the path of awakening with full, conscious participation in the present moment.

Guardians of Being

The animals that grace our lives are referred to as Guardians of Being and they play a specific role in our spiritual development. They keep us on track, remind us to be joyful and constantly teach how to be present.

Animals have a reincarnational series of seven lifetimes and will remember their prior incarnations, thus demonstrating similar fears or preferences he or she has developed along the way. It is not unusual for an animal with whom you’ve had a special bond to show up again and again to assist you on your spiritual journey.

True happiness is found in the smallest things and our furry friends can remind us to be alert and fully present in order to notice them… squirrel! I often watch my dogs respond to things that I cannot hear. Their ears perk up, heads tilt and then they’re off to investigate (usually quite exuberant in their display of joy).

Take some time today to listen and observe. Open yourself to the energy which is beyond the sound and you’ll discover the sacredness in which all things manifest. See the beauty, the transition, the stillness or the lesson which is being presented.

Animals have no sense of ego. There’s no comparison to other animals, worries about whether their fur makes them look fat or resentment about the past. Rather, they are simply engaged in whatever the present moment offers.

The human condition is to get lost within the labyrinth of thought, worry and anxiety. Allow your animals to show you out of the prison of the mind and don’t forget to thank them for being wonderful travel partners on the Path of Transformation.

Today my intention is to celebrate life by being completely present.

Each of us is responsible for our own joy

Memories, by their very nature, are nebulous things. The only aspect that crystallizes in the mind is our perception and interpretation of events, and that has a lot to do with our current level of awakening and awareness. As we expand into the infinite energy of the Divine, we begin to see more clearly and often that changes everything.

This is even more true when thinking of past lives, karma and the ties that bind us to one another. You will be presented with pieces of a puzzle that eventually coalesce into a picture – one that brings more clarity to your journey and provides the insight necessary to navigate through the Now as best you can.

It’s important not to get lost in the past of this lifetime or others. Our only responsibility is to awaken and while the knowledge we’ve gleaned over many incarnations plays a part, nothing is more important than the joy that is available for you in the present moment.

Likewise, worrying about the future is like boxing with shadows. The energy it takes to fight a fear drains you of your precious life force and robs you of the ability to enjoy the journey of awakening. You can plan, make contingencies and carry the knowledge of the past to se you through; however, the focus should be primarily on your state of consciousness. Your joy is your own responsibility.

To be responsible is to respond appropriately to the events of your life. You can choose to surrender or persevere – either is fine as long as the decision is made from a place of love or joy, rather than fear or victimization. Simply put, responsibility means walking your talk and speaking your truth with complete integrity Now. The only thing over which you have complete control is your state of consciousness… are you choosing joy?

Today my intention is to be fully present. No matter what has unfolded in my life, I know that I have always done the best I could with what I have… and with each new experience I discover more about myself.

Pivotal Facilitator karma

Every once in a while we meet someone who pivots our life into a new direction. Typically these types of karmas – referred to as Pivotal Facilitator karmic monad agreements – are very intense and create great upheaval within our experience. This can come in many forms such as a lover, teacher, inspirational writings, words from a stranger or an extreme challenge.

When we get stuck within a particular routine or energetic patterns, our higher self will draw in the Pivotal Facilitator. The resulting passion turns everything upside down and decisions are made which propel you into new areas of growth. Initially, the emotional intensity is so great that we don’t even realize this is happening… and then the dust settles and we find ourselves transformed.

In my experience, this has helped me to wake up from abusive or limiting situations and refocus on my spiritual path. While the roller coaster ride of change is often laden with unusual twists and turns, I find myself grateful from the karmic contract that played such an important part in my souls development.

Look back over your life. Think of those who may have played this role for you and send them a prayer of thanks. If your life is currently one of great drama and upheaval, you may be in the midst of this type of karmic contract. The way to creat peace is to ensure that you are fulfilling your life’s purpose and listening to the messages from your higher self. Allow yourself to pivot into a new direction or experience and become aware of any limiting habits or beliefs that are ready to be discarded. This is the moment of transformation.

Today my intention is to grateful for all the teachers of my life and those who have assisted me on my journey of awakening.