Accepting support from your soul group

Every lifetime we gather with members of our soul group to continue a journey that began long ago.

“A ‘heart-link’ describes the relationship between two persons who have known each other for many lifetimes and who have developed a deep and loving understanding of each other on an essence level.”
~Jose Stevens~   

When you meet someone and have an immediate connection with them, chances are that you’ve interacted many, many times before. These relationships can often be confusing until one understands the feeling of Oneness is due to past soul work rather than the traditional relationship categories more commonly used.

Sometimes these beautiful souls come in to offer support, pivot your direction or remind you of what you’re here to accomplish. Follow your intuition and see what unfolds in your experience. Nothing can shake the foundation of soul friendship with those with whom you have a history.

Remember that there is much more to life than meets the eye. Everything serves a purpose and our love lifts one another up.

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