Seeds of possibility

An entire world of possibility resides within you.

You are not limited to any possibility, you have an unlimited being. You can be anything; the next moment can bring anything.

Seeds can last a long time and still remain viable. In their hard shell, they are safe; however, growth requires change, vulnerability and a willingness to leave the safety of the known. Once a seed sprouts anything can happen…
Never underestimate what can come from small acts of kindness. The seeds we plant have the potential to change a life, create greater insight or take us in new and exciting directions.
This is the moment of transformation and it is filled with infinite potential. Higher consciousness expands our ability to recognize the possibilities available to us. As you awaken, your choices will bring you greater peace, happiness and balance.
Today my intention is to remember that the essence of faith is surrender. I am thrilled by the journey of the unknown.
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