Never stop evolving

Learn to see the perfection in the imperfection.

“The only virtue worth calling virtue is creativity. When you create does not matter, but it should enhance life, beautify existence, make living more joyous, the song a little more juicy, the love a little more glorious – and the life of a creator starts becoming pert of eternity and immortality.”  

You are an awakening master – transforming, expanding, loving, teaching. The gifts you have to share are innumerable. Choose to see your life as the unveiling of pure potential as you explore whatever awakens creative passion within you.

Many can remain trapped in ego-mind generated self doubt, criticism or judgment. This mindset blocks the ability to see clearly. As we learn to clear the mind and open as conduits for the universal life-force, something amazing begins to flow through us.

With one word of kindness, one act of compassion, one smile or spark of insight, everything can change and a new adventure begins. We are constantly in the act of creation, and through creation, we discover new aspects of ourselves.

Our practice is about opening to life and to one another. Never stop evolving.

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