All of existence longs for completion. We desire balance in our experience and are always seeking ways to fulfill that desire. Once something has been completed, we release it. The energy neutralizes and a sense of lightness occurs. Anything that is imbalanced is carried until it too has been brought to completion.

In this eternal playground, there is no need to hurry. Sometimes we will carry energies for lifetimes waiting for the perfect opportunity to balance and discard them. Whatever you choose to do, be completely present with it – this is the easiest way to bring things to completion. Honor the present moment as sacred, pay attention, enjoy it, feel it and experience authentic completion. This sense of contentment is ultimately what the soul desires.

If the present moment brings a moment of anger, be fully present with that as well. Suffering has no value unless it is conscious suffering which brings wisdom and insight if done with awareness. Express whatever needs to be expressed and then silence will return – the energy will come to completion and it will not be carried forward into your experience.

Today my intention is to live in limitless love, light and joy.

If you spot it, you got it!

All life is a mirror. We created this world to provide information through reflection, and an important aspect of navigating through it is the understanding of projection. It can be challenging to recognize our own imbalances and wounds; however, noticing them in other people is much easier. Have you ever noticed someone complaining about others’ behaviors and thought to yourself that they do the exact same thing in their own lives?

When something triggers us, the degree of emotional response is an indicator that there is something within us to be healed. Pay attention. Observe your anger or frustration and immediately own whatever it is. When you have healed that which is ready to be healed, one of two things will happen – either you will quit drawing that particular behavior into your life or you will notice that it no longer bothers you at all.

Projection works in wonderful ways as well. All too often we don’t give ourselves credit for the beautiful aspects of our personality. When you notice that someone is compassionate, generous, faithful, intelligent or a wonderful friend, know that they are merely a reflection of you. Own every aspect of yourself – both the dark and the light – and know that they come together in a blend of perfection and radiance.

Today my intention is to use my mind and my thoughts to enhance my life.


Abundance is a state of mind, a state of gratitude and it is the source of all creation. There is more than enough energy in our infinite universe to fulfill every being on this planet; however, poverty and lack are inventions of the mind. If one carries the perception of not having enough, he or she will be unable to see the potential of anything that is presented to them.

Most people misunderstand the purpose of life. They strive and suffer and often die never having lived at all. Miracles are happening all around us – in every moment – and the universe is consistently expanding, evolving, transforming and flowering with incredible speed. The purpose of life is to love, enjoy, share and learn and abundance is simply creating a life that is filled with purpose.

Live multi-dimensionally. Appreciate art, nature, one another, yourself and all that has yet to be experienced knowing that abundance is a state of being.

Today my intention is to be grateful.

Being authentic

No matter what you choose to do, give it 100% of your energy and attention. Be totally present and aware of the choices you make without any self judgement or doubt. If it is in your highest good to proceed, you will feel comfortable and complete. If an action is out of alignment with your authentic true nature, it will drop out of your experience of its own accord.

This is how we learn. Sometimes you have to be who you aren’t in order to discover who you are. There is no need to subject yourself to recrimination – the should’s or shouldn’t have’s – doubt is an energy that fractures the wholeness of your experience. 100% means that when you’re involved with an action, you are completely immersed, and when it is complete, you leave it behind as you move forward.

Everyone does the best that they can in any given moment based upon their soul age, awareness, imprinting and life path. This is important to understand – it allows us to drop the judgment of “they should know better” when contemplating life events. Acceptance is how we stay present and ensure that we don’t carry the past along with us.

Today my intention is to release the need to blame anyone ( including myself) and accept people just as they are.

Let love lift you higher

Each day presents an opportunity for you to create whatever you wish. Every thought, word, belief, desire or action sends waves of energy out into the Universe, and whatever we send out returns to us… often in unexpected ways. Life provides a blank canvas filled with possibility and no matter what you may have created or experienced in the past, this moment of unlimited possibility is here now.

Allow love to lift you higher bringing compassion and clarity to situations both old and new. The high vibrational frequency of limitless love can change things that once were stagnant. It can bring empowerment and freedom to your experience and create a new foundation from which you can move forward in the days to come.

In the stillness of infinite possibility, we discover that all things are possible, yet none are necessary. The unknown contains every conceivable (and inconceivable) possibility, and our job is to release limitation wherever it is found. The only thing that remains is love.

Today my intention is to remember that this moment provides the perfect opportunity for me to experience life with compassion, empathy, love and infinite possibility.

Postponing joy

Many people, caught in the grip of ego, think they can’t be happy until they’ve reached a particular goal, found the “right” person or have a peaceful life. This postponement of joy is a never-ending mechanism of the mind, for once the goal is reached, the next one presents itself and the quest for happiness begins again.

There is nothing positive to be gained by waiting for the future to unfold before you choose to be fulfilled, grateful and happy. It’s often said that the journey is more important than the destination – and this idea is such a beautiful truth. The joy is in the discovery, mastering the challenges, meeting new people, cultivating new skills, etc. In fact, the end result is nothing more than the idea that gets us moving – once that has been accomplished, it’s role is complete.

Start being blissful Now. If this moment were your last, would you want to finish this life feeling frustrated or incomplete? Don’t persist in your misery, let the small things go and realize that nothing is more important than your joy.

Today my intention is to joyfully do one thing at a time.

Going with the flow

Trust allows you to flow with what is without fighting or fear. The point of power always resides in the present moment and surrender is the source of that power. The Tao Te Ching often compares higher consciousness with water – flowing to the low places with ease, moving around obstacles, or having the ability to transform things as immovable as stone with a consistent flow. We too can elicit such change. The slow flow of grace moves mountains and we emerge not only transformed, but leaving things subtly altered in our wake.

This is what is called the divine feminine energy – quietly powerful, transformative and understanding the power that resides in the art of going with the flow. The next time you face an obstacle, remember this! You can create change – lasting change – by tapping into the Now with ease and grace. Cease fighting. Nothing is stagnant and you can be the bringer of transformation.

Today my intention is to love what is.

The awakened spirit

The awakened spirit is set free from the neurotic trappings of the egoic mind. Things become simple and in the ordinary, the extraordinary is discovered. All of life is transformed by your transformation. Everything becomes sacred and in that sacredness, there are infinite levels of divinity waiting to be explored.

The source of all light, love and laughter resides within you. It has always been there and isn’t going anywhere. Go inward in whatever way pleases your soul and bring that light into all that you choose to do. This incredible untapped potential will be reflected by the world around you – it’s time to share your unique gifts.

As we raise our consciousness, we begin to affect those with whom we interact. There may be times when you find yourself still witnessing the ego as it arises within you, and perhaps think that you’ve missed the mark. The difference is that you now have a greater awareness of the mechanisms of the ego and have cultivated the tools to recreate space and balance in your experience. In that awareness, you’ll discover that the ego’s responses have less and less power over your ability to live a life filled with purpose and joy.

Today my intention is to be an authentic example of kindness and acceptance.



This week of moving has been wonderfully challenging. As I sit amidst the chaos of boxes and furniture waiting to be arranged, I can see that things are going to work out perfectly as they always do. Though my desire was for a transition filled with ease and grace, the challenges (primarily physical and mental) brought wonderful lessons and experiences that an easy flow can never bring. As I searched for inspiration for this mornings Wow, I pulled the “Success” card from the Osho Zen tarot deck and read this passage, “Just go on moving, enjoying whatever becomes available. If success is there, enjoy it. If failure is there, enjoy it – because failure brings a few enjoyments that no success can ever bring. Success also brings a few joys that no failure can ever bring.” …and I gave a simple thank you to the Divine for the reminder that all is well.

The gifts of grace and the gifts we receive from rising above the challenges are equally uplifting and life-changing when we allow them to be. I am grateful for every bump and bruise received along the way for they have brought me here Now – surrounded by love and supported by life.

Today my intention is to do one thing at a time, mindfully.

Allowing, enjoying and experiencing life

Allowing is the secret to happiness. Once we begin to let go, space is created in our lives, and in that space we discover beauty that was there all along. All too often the mind engages in a kind of warfare – holding on to old resentments or patterns that result in unhappiness and while we’re engaged with this inner dialog, life continues on around us.

Each of us has the capacity to set ourselves free from the burdens that we carry. Create enough openings in your life to participate in the mysteries of the Divine. Don’t postpone your happiness – life is here Now.

Love this moment and participate in it fully. When it’s time to work, be fully present and engaged. When it’s time to relax, leave work behind and allow yourself the time to recharge. If the moment calls upon you to lie in the sun – enjoy every aspect of it.

Today my intention is to choose to experience love wherever I go.