Hold yourself to a higher standard.

“When somebody insults you, that is the moment to keep alert. When your wife looks at somebody else and you feel hurt, that is the moment to keep alert. When you are feeling sad, gloomy, depressed, when you feel the whole world is against you, that is the moment to be alert. When you are surrounded by a dark night, that is the moment to keep your light burning. And all these situations will prove helpful – they are meant for it.”

If used consciously, this can be a time of inspiration and growth. Everything depends upon how we view ourselves, how we conduct ourselves in the world, and our willingness to stand in our integrity. There may be times to step back, observe and take a few moments to breathe prior to taking action – these pauses allow us to bring a higher level of consciousness to our interactions.

Treat each person you meet as sacred. Offer them dignity and choose to remain mindful and balanced throughout your interaction. Yes, this calls upon you to bring the best version of yourself to your relationships. Most people, expecting dysfunction or judgment, will have to learn to adjust to your loving way of being. After moments of confusion, they will begin to feel the safe atmosphere which promotes growth and awareness.

Above all, cultivate your own sense of self-worth and continue to expand your consciousness in ways that bring a sense of joy and purpose to your life.
Today my intention is to remember that I am a spiritual being having a human experience. 


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