Choose to be inspired

Be the change you wish to see.

“You are complete already, a product of universal abundance, so relax and enjoy life… what you desire will show up with less effort and anxiety.”
~Wayne Dyer~
Conscious awareness is the key to addressing the daily bombardment of negative energy we face. There are lower vibrations that seek to keep us uninspired, fearful, believing in lack or simply living in conflict with what is. As we become more aware of this, we can purposely make choices that help us to rise above ego – being in the world, but not of it.

Examine your life for habits that are ego-based such as watching the news on a consistent basis or right before bed, choosing movies or tv shows filled with violence or sadness, participating in gossip, judgment or opinions and instead, choose something better for yourself. No matter at what level of consciousness you reside, there are many options to embrace that will align with your energy. That’s the beauty of our infinite universe. We can and do choose what we will experience.

It is absolutely possible to transcend violence through inspired spiritual energy. One does not need to hide from the world. Spiritual practice is not about sitting in meditation on a distant mountaintop. It is the joy of bringing light to where you are now.

Seek only to be the best version of yourself and you will be an inspiration. Make a commitment to fill your life with creativity, kindness and compassion – there is no greater gift that you can give the world.
Today my intention is to live an inspired life. My purpose is to awaken.
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