Dream more

Worry is a waste of your precious energy.

“Mind always thinks in terms of purpose, profit, utility. When the mind disappears, action does not disappear, activity disappears – and there is a great difference between the two. Activity has utility; action is pure joy, pure beauty. You act not because something has to be achieved; you act because action is a dance, is a song. You act because you are so full of energy.”
Conscious action, when it arises within you, has its own vitality and quality of being. We can lose ourselves momentarily in this beautiful dimension of creativity and movement. The awakened soul sees the present moment as something to be fully experienced, and through that experience we commune with the Divine.

This is the moment of your transformation; there is no need to wait. Approach it in such a way that it enhances your life, brings a little more joy and find your bliss. Enlightenment is a unique experience – create your own rather than attempting to duplicate that of another. Creativity awakens your dignity and allows you to explore new facets of who you are.
Today my intention is to live in a way that makes me feel free.
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