I wish that you could see you the way that I see you…

“Liberation from fear is not about becoming fearless; it’s about seeing that fear is not the deepest truth about who we are.”
~Ezra Bayda

Spiritual growth is simply the process of releasing all that blocks you from seeing the truth. Most people carry a litany of ideas, beliefs, resentments and expectations which occupy their entire existence. Yet, underneath it all is the shimmering, infinite source of all life.

As we awaken, we begin putting down the baggage. With each thing we release, we feel lighter and freer and our perception becomes clearer. This progression of transformation has no time limit or demands. Enlightenment is a work in progress.

The entire Universe celebrates you and supports your journey. Whether you choose to speed through the process or utilize hundreds of lifetimes, the end result is the same: Oneness, joy, peace, compassion.

Honor your journey. Bless those who walk with you, be a light in the darkness and seek to take full responsibility for your own experience. Awareness is the beginning of transformation.
Today my intention is to hold a deep respect and reverence for life in all its forms and expressions. 


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