Spiritual truths

Quietly live your life with integrity, peace and compassion.

“A spiritual teacher, no matter how skillful, can teach only in proportion to a student’s true willingness to learn.”
~Ezra Bayda

Awakening happens: always. The only variable is the ‘when’ for each person. Some may need to repeat the same lessons many times before understanding shifts their perception. Others may stay trapped in their misery, reinforcing limiting stories and finding others to validate them. Some have breakthroughs in one area, but continue to struggle with another facet of their growth. There are many ways to discover spiritual truths and whether it appears so or not, we are all engaged in this process.

One egoic pitfall of the awakening soul is the egos judgment of others as being less evolved, on a different or ‘wrong’ path or growing too slowly. Consider this: whether someone has a spiritual breakthrough early in their life experience or on their deathbed, they still have achieved the soul’s desire for that lifetime. And if understanding never comes and they die in darkness? They still dance with joy in the astral with their soul group, ancestors, angels and spirit guides and eventually come back for another opportunity.

So, walk your talk and speak your truth with integrity. Let your life be your message. You will refine your own understanding and strengthen your ability to be consistent, empowered and loving. Compassion for those around you will be a natural by-product of a life well lived.
Today my intention is to do my own work with patience and trust.
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