No one to be

When we strip away the layers of ego, we can discover the joy of being.

“As we relentlessly observe ourselves, the images we have of who we are and who we need to be – which at one time seemed so real – begin to peel away like layers of an onion. Pleasant self-images may give way to uglier ones, each seeming equally real until that layer too peels away. As every illusory idea of who we are is stripped off, we can finally experience the quivering freedom of not needing to be anyone at all.”
~Ezra Bayda

Challenge yourself: spend the entire day without giving an opinion, seeking attention or talking about the past or future. Just one day. Practice the art of being fully present, immersed within the Now.

Notice how often the ego craves to be heard. You may find that voice demanding that you speak up, that you must interrupt, your ideas can’t wait, something will be lost if you do not speak, opine or post… Notice the ego, observe its antics and choose to do the opposite of what it desires.

Purposely take a neutral approach to whatever arises. Take a complete break from social media. Become a quiet listener and observe the beautiful intricacies of life. You may be astounded to discover how much energy has regularly been wasted defending viewpoints, fighting to be heard or trying to have yourself be seen in a particular way. Turn that energy inward and focus it on being at ease in the Now.

I’d love to hear what you experience throughout this process.
Today my intention is to free myself from the enslavement of the mind.
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