Learning through contrast

What energy do you bring to our collective experience?

“Thank every one of the ten thousand things: gratitude turns our world right-side-up.”
~Ezra Bayda

Everything and everyone has a role to play in our collective awakening. When we can pull back from judgment and look through the eyes of love, we discover the grand beauty of existence. Light cannot exist without dark, we learn compassion after experiencing our own limitations, hatred can show us where we are blocked.

The world is filled with beautiful souls – all of us walk the same path of awakening, and all of us ultimately have the same destination: peace, bliss, Oneness. It’s helpful to remember that everyone (yes, everyone!) is doing the best that they can based upon their soul age, level of consciousness, lifetime imprinting and experiences and attitude.

We live in an infinite universe. There are levels and lifetimes ahead to continue our journey of discovery. The villains you encounter in this life may have chosen to play a role that incites others to growth. Keep it simple – tend to your own state of consciousness and seek only to uplift the world around you.
Today my intention is become open to life by dropping all judgment.
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