We can reprogram our minds to consistently recognize and appreciate the beauty and perfection of the present moment.

“Being blissful is not a goal by itself. It’s just a good condition to make life’s journey.”

Don’t wait for everything in your life to fall into place before you choose to be happy. Happiness is a choice that we can make again and again as we walk the path of awakening. Find joy in the little things and take time to appreciate the miracles that are all around you.

The mind is addicted to it’s own movement – solving problems, creating and then enhancing its stories, worry about the future – and many habitually fall under the spell of its mechanisms; however, habits can be broken and addictions can be transformed into empowerment and compassion.

You are a living expression of the Divine in human form. Take yourself to a higher level of consciousness whenever possible. When you no longer need to control, seek approval or judge others, you’ll discover the peace that is the core of your being.
Today my intention is to pay attention to the energy that I choose to contribute to the world.
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