Navigating obstacles

Life Path

An empowered, positive attitude can transform any obstacle into strength.

“Whenever you’re stuck in distress, penetrate your confusion with this question: What is my most believed thought right now?”
~Ezra Bayda

When it arises, drawing your awareness to discomfort is an effective way to begin the process of transformation. When we choose to slow down and look clearly at any obstacles we encounter, we activate the ability to consciously change our perception.

Changing your thoughts can change your life. Practice re-framing challenging situations as they arise. Cultivate your ability to be peaceful and joyous in the present moment. You have the ability to rise above frustration and transform it into a powerful aspect of your souls journey.

Remember, your interpretation of the world is a reflection of your state of consciousness. Create interpretations that lift you into a state of empowerment and freedom. Life will meet you wherever you are.
Today my intention is to be sincere, authentic and open to new insights. 


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