Life is our reflection

In any given moment you can ask yourself, “How can I bring love to this situation?” This constant flow of conscious response allow you to realize how much you contribute to the way your life unfold.

When things are going well, your choice to demonstrate love will likely take the situation to the next level of consciousness. During a challenge, love may prompt you to be more altruistic, patient, compassionate, take action, wait, listen, accept, rejoice, pray, hug, support, reach out, let go or remind yourself that you are loved.

Love has nothing to do with desire or neediness, only giving. It is a powerful flow of energy that attaches to nothing but resides openly within the present moment. It does not fluctuate based upon events because it isn’t dependent upon external factors. It has the capacity to create dramatic change due to the purity of the energy.

When we rise above the limiting perceptions of the personality and seek wholeness from a global perspective, barriers dissolve. We consistently find ways to support and reframe events in order to bring our perception to the highest level possible.

Ways to facilitate the lessons of unconditional love and acceptance:

  • Trust in your own journey and insights
  • Be ruthlessly honest with yourself
  • Realize that everyone is right where they need to be and accept and honor their path
  • Be responsible for your own joy
  • Realize how powerful you are and choose your thoughts and actions accordingly
  • Rise above fear
  • Truly experience surrender in order to discover its power and control within any given situation
  • Humility

Love isn’t fully possible until you love and accept yourself. Otherwise, we are simply projecting our dysfunction only whomever and whatever is available. Each moment provides an opportunity to seek and strengthen your ability to refine this empowering attribute within your experience.

Today my intention is to remember that the only thing I control is my response to life. I choose to live in the vibration of love.

Power verses Force

The higher your frequency, the more power you have. There will always be moments when we find ourselves immersed within frustrating situations, triggered by family members or feeling unfulfilled in a career. The moment you recognize the imbalance, pause and go within. Consider the energy that you are bringing to the situation and whether or not you feel heard.

Whenever someone is vibrating under the level of Awakening, they begin to drain those around them and convince themselves that force is required in order to make a difference. The spiritual seeker understands that the higher they can get their vibrational frequency, the more power they have and the easier things become.

For this reason, you will feel more empowered each time you pause, breathe and see how centered you can get yourself prior to taking action. The higher vibrations come from the upper chakra centers (notice that the green of the heart chakra is activated at the level of Courage). All relationships benefit greatly when we utilize the high frequency of the Celtic Vows of Friendship:

  • I honor your path
  • I bring an unprotected heart to our meeting place
  • I drink from your well
  • I hold no cherished outcome
  • I will not negotiate by withholding
  • I am not subject to disappointment

Remember, nothing is more important than your state of consciousness. If you cannot function in the present moment from a space of joy, enthusiasm or at the very least, acceptance, stop and consider that you may be missing a lesson. It’s important that we utilize each moment and get the most out of our time here.

You have much to offer and you make an incredible difference in the lives of those around you when you choose to step out of the drama and into a space of true empowerment.

Today my intention is to be conscious of the energy I bring to each moment. Everyone and everything is my teacher.

Discovering Oneness in a world of difference

To truly awaken is to recognize Oneness within a world of difference. The paradox of higher consciousness allows us to see both aspects of our experience – your unique expression of the Divine and the commonality of the human journey of awakening.

The gifts we discover through cultivating the art of compassion benefit all life. We begin to choose differently, we honor one another’s path, we learn to rise above the limitation of fear and most importantly, we strive for wholeness. This is the moment of transformation. Anytime the mechanisms of the mind seem to take over, seek joy within the present moment. Even the act of consciously sipping water can bring you back to center.

Your energy can nourish and support the energy of others when you hold the high vibration of love in your heart. We call this “holding space” and, when done consciously in any given situation, creates the space in which a transformation can occur.

When old patterns are finally released it can be quite a challenge for the spiritual seeker. The energetic shift sends ripples throughout all levels to the core of being as one goes through the process of releasing the struggle and continuing onward on the Path of Transformation. It is in those moments that others need the loving balance and higher perspective that you have to offer. Never doubt the impact you make in the lives of others.

Today my intention is to reside in the vibration of Love or above…

Your purpose is to awaken

Universal interconnectedness binds us to one another. Each and every thought, word and action sends ripples of energy throughout the Universe – some strong, some subtle – and what harms one, harms all. What heals one, heals all.

When we live aligned with our soul’s purpose, we have a greater ability to access the grace and harmony which underlies all things. There are two aspects to your purpose and life mission. Your inner purpose is to awaken. Your outer purpose may change throughout your incarnation on the planet, but it ultimately supports your inner purpose. There are many, many vehicles of healing.

The Buddha said, “It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours; it cannot be taken from you, not by angels or demons, heaven or hell.” This inner state of consciousness cannot be shaken by events or other people. Yes, the idea of awakening seems nebulous to many (I can hear the ego saying, “Yes, but what does that mean??) but it is this beautiful intangibility that creates a true sense of empowerment. The infinite cannot be described with mere words, it must be lived fully from the heart.

So allow your outer purpose to shift and change in whatever way best serves your spiritual growth. Apparent losses and challenges are simply part of the game of awakening in which we are all engaged. Whether someone is consciously seeking awareness or not, their soul is still propelling them forward in the most appropriate way for the unfoldment of their journey. As we tend to our own awakening, this loving energy impacts everything and everyone around us.

Today my intention is to seek beauty, be Compassion and live fully within the power of Now.

Breaking free of old patterns through self awareness

The world in which you live is one of your ow creation. We project our thoughts and beliefs onto every situation and weave our stories, fears and desires throughout every aspect of our lives.

Pay attention to the repeating patterns of your life. There you will discover that which your soul longs to heal. All transformation begins within. When you feel angry with someone, recognize that it is simply anger at yourself which is being projected outward onto the most accessible target. The awakening master understands this aspect of the journey and simply chooses to increase their awareness, own their own stuff and take responsiblity for creating change through personal growth and evolution.

Everyone has moments of deep connection and stillness and yet others where we may still miss the mark. Awareness heals. It’s not helpful to create another story out of a perceived mistake (thereby adding another layer of energy to an old pattern) but to remain the observer and consciously shift whenever possible.

Quietly notice the various beliefs that have been put into place in our society. The opposing viewpoints and beliefs, opinions and prejudice are all ego-driven distractions that keep us so engaged in conflict with one another that we forget the power of going within to heal.

In every moment, you are evolving as you walk the Path of Transformation. The filters and veils which covered the infinite beauty of your soul are one by one being washed away. As you grow and become more spiritually aware your life situation will transform, thus reflecting the change.

It’s important to periodically detox – physically, mentally and emotionally. Be kind to yourself throughout these changes and honor the path of your awakening. As you grow, you’ll discover that you can handle any situation with grace, trust, joy and ease, knowing that you are right where you need to be.

Today my intention is to trust my inner wisdom.

Loving silence

We do not need to add more knowledge or new beliefs. It’s far more powerful to learn to rise above the antics of the mind into a place where we can commune with the Divine. We need to experience more wonder and more awe at the beauty that surrounds us. The minds noise can sometimes become a wall that closes us off from the miracle of the present moment.

There is a great depth of spaciousness which resides within you. Step into the silence and see if you can sense the infinite wellspring of potential that is waiting to be discovered.

Learn to be loving in your silence, otherwise your silence will become filled with closed-off energy that is helpful to no one. Love is only possible when you are fearless and exists in the absence of judgment. Simply breathe in the truth of your light, feel a smile of gratitude and observe. Bring healing and grace into your life situation by falling madly in love with life itself.

Today my intention is to allow love to transform all my experiences into an expression of the Divine.

The joy is in the journey

Life, by its very nature, offers no guarantees. Ultimately we walk our Path of Transformation alone – for our journey is unique and each of us has our own lessons and destiny. Once you accept this fact, you may be surprised by the beauty in it, by the joy in it. Rejoice in the freedom of your soul’s expression. Seek the adventure which comes from living aligned with your truth.

Observe those to whom you feel drawn. Celebrate the friendships and connections that bring you joy for as long as your paths conjoin. When necessary, send each traveler on their way with gifts and memories knowing that you’ll ultimately arrive at the same destination with incredible stories to share.

With each new cycle, release the things, people and circumstances that no longer serve your growth. Put down your burdens and take only what is needed for a safe and joyful journey. All the experiences, mistakes, adventures and successes of your past (both in this lifetime and many others) have given you plenty of wisdom to draw upon when needed. Remember that the thoughts, words and actions of today set the stage for your experiences tomorrow.

Sometimes new places, experiences or the act of walking into the unknown can create anxiety within the personality. Recognize how far you have come, believe in the wisdom of your soul and honor your path by walking it consciously. There are infinite joys waiting to be discovered.

Today my intention is to release all the energies, patterns, karmic contracts and conditions which no longer serve my growth. In love, I bless each as my teacher and walk forward on the Path of Transformation enchanted, liberated and joyful.

The transformative power of grace

The awakened person lives in gratitude and joy, content within whatever the present moment offers. This peaceful sense of connectedness comes from inner understanding, unlimited richness and spiritual maturity and is not tied to any desired outcome or reliant upon the decisions of others.

When we become aware that all desire is future based, we discover the true spontaneity of gratitude and see blessings wherever we look. Even in the face of direct opposition or dysfunction, the awakened person is not caught within the trap of someone else’s story. They simply listen with an open heart and respond in the same way – seeing the other’s pain through the filter of compassion.

No matter what has been troubling you or unfolding within your experience, allow grace to infuse the situation. When we approach each moment with a pure heart and sincerity, we open the door for healing, empowerment and liberation to flow throughout our life. Grace is always available for those who are willing to receive it.

Choose to release the struggle and return to the depths of your hearts knowledge. Grace doesn’t mean that valuable lessons disappear, but that we bear witness to the knowledge our soul desired to understand and are then lifted to higher levels and a new vibrational experience. The higher the vibration, the more clearly we can see.

To accept grace, we must be willing to let go of any deep feelings of unworthiness and step into a position of empowerment and personal responsibility. Only then will grace transform your life into an expression of pure love. Surrender creates ease within the flow of life.

Today my intention is to embrace whatever unfolds with an open heart.

See the voice of the ego as a teacher

When we walk through our life situations with the core belief that things will work out just as they should, we have greater access to self-confidence, independence, strength and courage. It’s only when we fall prey to the voice of the ego that we begin to doubt ourselves… What if I fail? What if I get hurt? What if I disappoint?

It’s important to recognize the mechanisms of the mind, and at the same time understand that it’s purpose is to provide illusions for us to work through on the Path of Transformation. The ego is not the enemy (that’s just another story made up by the ego in order to make itself important), it’s simply one of the aspects of the human experience.

As you increase in wisdom and self-worth and taste the freedom and expansiveness that is discovered, you’ll begin to view the ego as a teacher – nothing more, nothing less. At that point, we begin to rise above the stories and illusions and walk forward in courage and truth.

True joy begins within. It is not a by-product of physical attainment or emotional fulfillment. By design, all aspects of life are fleeting by and our power lies in staying balanced throughout it all. Seek your own source of inner strength. All paths are unique and sacred and part of our awakening is to discover our own expression of the Divine and allow it to experience the physical plane through us. Know that each conscious act and decision sends waves of love throughout the Universe and as we evolve, we aid the planet’s evolution as a whole.

Today my intention is to teach by example.

As you change, the world around you is transformed

No matter what challenges may arise, no matter how frightening things can seem, remember that you are loved and guided throughout your spiritual journey on the Path of Transformation. As you discover your strength, you may notice that this shift in energy evokes strong reactions in others – both supportive and resistant – and this acts as an indication of your awakening.

As you begin to react differently to the events of your life, people notice. Often it may in the form of encouragement, hearing others say, “I can’t believe how well you’re handling this” or asking your advice regarding their own life situations. Yet, in other moments, people of a lower frequency may react in jealousy, fear or anger. These perceived negative responses rise to the surface in order to be healed. You have the choice: engage with them in the drama (thus dropping your own vibration down to match theirs) or allow yourself to shine knowing that your presence is sparking an opportunity for growth.

The more you align your energy with the Divine, the more power your words and actions have. Love, compassion, forgiveness, willingness and joy flow through your authentic approach and you do make a difference.

Lower vibrations do not need to be feared; however, you can certainly choose not to place yourself in toxic situations. Sometimes we have a greater impact simply by remaining conscious, demonstrating detached compassion and providing a space in which a transformation can occur. Every moment has something to teach – it’s up to each of us to utilize whatever arises within our experience as a vital and important weaving of our own soul’s light. Whatever you seek will be found.

Today my intention is to live in the light of consciousness.