Find joy in the journey

Happiness is a choice we make. Why wait to experience it?

“The basic paradox: everything is a mess yet all is well.” Ezra Bayda~

Playfulness and joy are states of being. They cannot be traveled to, purchased or mapped out. They arise from simply being fully present in the Now. Make the conscious choice to enjoy the little things. The world is filled with beauty and your life is filled with the miraculous.

Should you find yourself being too serious, go back to basics. Utilize gratitude as a way to shift your energy higher. Enjoy the little things – the way sunlight sparkles through a drop of dew, how the clouds move across the sky making pictures in a constant state of transition, the smile of a dog… it all comes down to what you choose to amplify with your attention.

Your joy will bring you into a state of wholeness. From there, life becomes friendly and playful… a loving reflection of your true infinite nature.

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