Self mastery

Those who are awakened focus on self-understanding rather than seeking approval through outside factors.

“In the 33rd verse of the Tao te Ching, Lao-tzu is asking you to change the way you look at these twin ideas of knowledge and power. You’ve invited to evaluate your level of self-mastery by turning your gaze inward and seeing the world, and your place in it, in a new light.”
~From Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life by Wayne Dyer~

Mastery calls upon us to change how we view the world. Rather than seeking more knowledge or pursuing status symbols to demonstrate our success, our focus turns inward. Mastery has nothing to do with power over others. It is an empowered way of  walking through life. As we align with our inner strength we are guided by wisdom.

The only thing over which you have any control is how you choose to respond to the present moment. Instead of trying to understand the ‘whys’ or the motivations of others or falling into the “us versus them” blame game, you’ll consistently seek to explore your own responses and reactions. This conscious state of awareness affords you the ability to step into personal responsibility knowing that you are a Divine being who is actively in the process of enlightenment.

Demonstrate love to those who grace your life by honoring their path as sacred. Give them the space to explore, learn and awaken in the way that is most meaningful for them. Trust that the Tao is working toward the highest good of all. This trust is simply another measure of your self-mastery.

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