You are awareness. Remove the distractions, and what remains?

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change.” ~Eckhart Tolle~

The mind is an instrument. Somewhere along the line humans became so entranced by the physical world that the mind became master (albeit an unstable one). Awareness calls upon us to relegate the mind back into it’s rightful status of servant. As the soul awakens, the mind is transcended and we can step back and observe its antics.

Buddha called this awareness “right knowledge.” As we dismantle the layers of distractions and attachments, we are able to utilize the mind in a way that is simple and empowering – this is wisdom.

Become the Witness. Remove the endless dialogue and just observe. What is there? Just pure awareness remains. This awareness is the source of all that is and as it flows through you the bondage disappears. Use every opportunity to become more conscious and one day you will awaken – loving but unattached, in the world but not of it, filled with clarity and compassion.

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