Seeking validation

Release the need to seek validation from others.

“There is often a vague sense of danger with which we greet almost every person and every situation. If it had a voice, it might whisper, “Please don’t hurt me.” ~Ezra Bayda~

Do not compare yourself with others. There will always be someone younger, older, more beautiful, uglier, wealthier, poorer, skinnier, curvier, more enlightened or more dysfunctional. Instead, seek only to be more awakened than you were yesterday.

Measuring yourself by someone else’s benchmarks of what is desirable or appropriate is a waste of your precious energy. Observe, and you will see how much society judges one another with ego-minds thriving and running the show. Marketing strategies are based upon this ego generated belief in lack or endless desire. The reason they work is because so many suffer from this same affliction.

It’s the contrasts that bring out the beauty in life. The spiritual student strives to recognize the sacredness in all beings and in all situations. In order for that to be possible, we must first recognize the sacredness and perfection in ourselves.

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