The Celtic Vows of Friendship

Cultivating the art of acceptance is a life long process. The greatest gift you can give another is to allow them to discover their inner truth in the way which is most appropriate for them. In doing so, we create the space in which a transformation can occur.

Energy is wasted when one feels the need to defend their beliefs. This egoic reaction distracts us from doing our inner work as we extend our focus outward trying to make others understand (and hopefully adopt) our point of view.

It’s a much more powerful statement to simply live an authentic life. When we walk our talk and speak our truth with integrity, we create an impact much greater than mere words can achieve. Be the light which shines in the darkness. Plant seeds of kindness and nurture them with love.

The Celtic Vows of Friendship

  • I honor your path
  • I bring an unprotected heart to our meeting place
  • I drink from your well
  • I hold no cherished outcome
  • I will not negotiate by withholding
  • I am not subject to disappointment

Living by these guidelines gets easier with practice. They are a wonderful measure of how adept you are at the art of acceptance. Should you notice that you are experiencing a struggle with a particular aspect in a given situation, go with and observe where you may have missed the mark. Greater awareness begins from there.

Today my intention is to love what is.

The journey of your soul

I often view spiritual transformation as a three-fold process that unfold as we rise through the levels of increasing awareness. Initially, we walk thought life seeing and experiencing only the illusion. We live fully immersed within the stories of the mind, concerned with pleasing others, attempting to be what we think we should be, sometimes struggling, sometimes succeeding and satisfied within our limited view.

When we begin to emerge into a new vibration and experience life through new filters, our priorities transform right along with us. We learn that it’s ok to say no to the demands of others, we balance our joy and our work, and often move away from the collective story we once embraced in order to discover our personal truths and strength.

But that isn’t the end, for there are always new levels to explore…

Ultimately, we face the aspects of  ourselves that we may have rejected or repressed. We find the courage to walk through the shadows of the soul, discover empowerment and emerge – radiant and innocent, nether acquiescent nor rebellious – a child of innocence born of experience living in alignment with our purpose.

This moment can be a beautiful time of growth and change if you allow it.

Be slow to anger and quick to love. Seek wholeness within and be willing to open to new ways of thinking and being as you look back over your life, seeing both the dark and the light, the highs and lows, times of connection as well as the moments you fumbled your way towards ecstasy, realize that all are part of the whole. Equally viable and powerfully integrated into the miracle of experience and awakening.

Today my intention is to remember that expansion flows in all directions allowing a unique journey for each of us… multiple roads that all lead the way home..

Change – from should to could

The thing that I love most about change is how authentic desire creates greater ease and grace during the process. People struggle with transformation when they aren’t truly ready to shift… and this applies to physical changes like releasing unhealthy habits or staying in toxic relationships to emotional and spiritual transformation such as releasing anger or judgment.

The ego keeps us trapped in old patterns with the usage of the world “should”… I should quit smoking, I should lose weight. I know I shouldn’t get so mad or be impatient… if you notice yourself utilizing the word should when discussing change, immediately realize how it’s trapping you in the very pattern that you wish to release. It’s subtle, but like any egoic reaction, when we’re told that we should do something, the ego rebels and wants to do the opposite. This is even more powerful when the should is originating from within.

Change the word should to could. “I could move into forgiveness if I want to, what’s blocking me?” In that manner, the search, as well as the transformation, begins inward just as it needs to in order to facilitate powerful shifts in your experience. It’s hard until you realize that it’s not hard at all.

Be ready to experience something new and amazing – when the soul is authentically open to shift, things change quickly. All the pieces seem to fall into place and it’s a delight to follow that energy wherever it may lead.

Today my intention is to remember that all change begins within. When I come from a place of pure motive, joy and desire all life flows to be with ease and grace.

Infinite possibilities

Life is filled with infinite possibilities. Divine grace can flow through any situation and it’s up to us to accept the gifts that are available. All too often we limit ourselves with our beliefs, expectations or the words we use and find ourselves unable to see beyond that limitation.

Observe your words and thoughts today and notice where you may be clocking the energy of transformation. Past experience doesn’t have to dictate the energy you choose to embrace in this moment. You can choose to break free from perceived limitations into the power of Now.

See yourself opening to the infinite. Our sojourn here is to amass experience and rediscover the knowledge of our divinity; therefore, it stands to reason that the soul’s desire is to break free from the known and explore various possibilities. Take a risk and offer yourself the same love and support that you would extend to a child who is learning new things.

We are always in the process of expansion and there is much more to life than meets the eye. This is the moment of transformation. If you want things to change, change how you respond to them.

Today my intention is to be grateful for all the blessings that dance through my life.

Living in the vibration of love

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to reside in the vibration of authentic love? Instead of observing and releasing the egoic response to life, one would simply be in a space of acceptance and kindness. There would be no need to readjust one’s perception – love is unconditional, unchanging and permanent.

Of course, this a goal for many spiritual seekers. We begin our path of healing by asking, “How can I love someone who has harmed me? How can I love those who actively participate in atrocities or live controlled by the need for greed or power?” The desire to seek healing awakens the process of awareness.

The egoic idea of love fluctuates between love and hate (hate stemming from pride or disappointment), worry and relief, judgment and acceptance and thus was actually based upon an expected outcome created by the ego masquerading as love. This is why so many people become confused. When love can shift so dramatically, it wasn’t initially achieved in the first place.

Loving is a way of being. It is a way of relating to the world from a higher state of consciousness which shifts the energy of those around you. This is why many people enjoy being in the presence of high level spiritual teachers – it raises their own frequency and they carry it for a time before getting drawn back into the highs and lows of life. It is a wonderful exercise to imagine what a permanent and authentic loving response to life would be like – the process of visualization and actualization will cause it to be expressed through you.

Love is global and rises above the differences of human expression. We learn to see through the mechanisms of the ego and the barriers between us dissolve. According to Hawkins in Power vs Force, “…it dissolves negativity by recontextualizing it rather than by attacking it.” When you learn how to allow for a new perception, a higher perception, you are cultivating the art of love and acceptance. The more you bring this energy into your life and experience, the easier it will be to return there again and again until it is your natural way of being.

Today my intention is to love – everyone, everything, all the time.

The gifts of adversity

Those that challenge you the most on the physical plane love you the most on the spiritual place. Great gifts are resources are discovered when we go through adversity. Consider the souls that are willing to act in a manner that tests you on many levels. They run the risk of losing your love and friendship in this lifetime while serving a higher purpose in your souls growth.

Consciously think back on the challenges of your life, the disappointments, the struggle. Acknowledge the lessons you’ve learned, the skills you’ve developed and see if you can find aspects in each situation for which you can be thankful. You may have an “aha” moment, realizing the true purpose behind the interaction – conversely, keep in mind that you have likely acted as teacher as well.

The tapestry we weave together is one of brilliant design and mastery. Each circumstance and situation plays its part in the scheme of things. We dance in and out of one another’s awareness only to discover the purpose within the chaos and receive the gifts of spirit.

Sometimes the pattern is hard to see when we are too close to the situation. Distance lends perspective and the higher you raise your vibration, the greater your ability to discern more aspects that may have eluded you in the past. Never doubt the purpose and beauty of your experience here and remember that the greater the challenge, the greater the gift that is waiting to be discovered.

Today my intention is to transform past challenges into light with my compassion and insight.

Stepping into personal freedom

When we break the chains of expectation and imprinting, we become aligned with the Divine. This movement of empowerment can be frightening to some – people can be very afraid of someone who grows the wings to fly into an entirely new way of being. They see the free spirit as one who is rebellious because they are unwilling to fight against anyone or anything and simply live in accordance with their true nature.

It’s time to be courageous enough to take responsibility for our own joy and live aligned with higher consciousness. One who is enlightened cannot be enslaved by others or by situations. Instead, he or she lives as a global citizen, seeking wholeness and sharing new perceptions.

See where you may have created rigidness and structure within your experience. When our world is too orderly and perfect, we do not allow space for spontaneity or vulnerability – two amazing teachers. There is much more to life than control. Release attachment to cherished outcomes and feel the energy of the Universe flow through you into the delightful chaos of your awakening.

There is a vast and infinite amount of energy available Now. We are able to tap into it, not by planning or thinking, but by being centered and silent enough to allow it to flow through us. This transformation of energy into light and love connects you to your potential. From this space of inner power, compassion emerges.

Your awakening sends waves of energy throughout your life. Should you encounter opposition from those around you, recognize it as an indicator that you are shifting yet again. Be patient and kind with those who may fear your freedom – it’s a new kind of experience for those who have worked so hard to create the illusion of control in their lives. Lead the way, dear one. You have infinite levels left to explore.

Today my intention is to live the life of my dreams.

Saying yes to life

Whenever you have a strong emotional reaction to a situation, person or idea, it’s an indication that there is something that is ready to shift within you. Noticing our responses doesn’t require any type of thinking, self-judgment or analysis. Rather, we shine the light of consciousness by the act of observation. Instead of trying to change the situation, we choose to change our relationship to it.

Saying yes to life requires nothing more than a conscious return to love. We learn to navigate through the highs and low with faith. We seek answers only to discover that they resided within us all along. We draw in the teachers that hold up a mirror to remind us of our divinity and the limitless possibilities that are available once we choose to get out of our own way.

Keep things simple. Find the word or idea which brings peace into your experience and aligns you with the Divine. Return to it again and again. Fill your life with its fragrance and discover the freedom that joy brings.

Ask, “What do I have to offer?” Be your authentic self and share your gifts. This is the moment of transformation.

Today my intention is to choose to love what is.

The willingness to receive

Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door will be opened to you…

This simple thought filled my dreams (reminding me of my religious childhood) and the message came through with a new kind of clarity. The act of seeking and desire gives permission to receive. This is an important part of anyone’s spiritual growth – the willingness to receive.

All too often we feel stymied by a perceived lack of movement or insight in our experience. We project that frustration outward, when in reality, we are simply frustrated by our own lack of willingness to seek, knock, ask and open to receive the answers and ultimately take responsiblity for our own joy.

Your higher guidance, angels and soul mates will always provide you with whatever experience you require for your soul’s growth. But because this is a free will Universe, they will wait for your permission to assist you on your journey. When we reach out for assistance from the Divine, we practice the art of surrender… seeing past the desire or fear projected by the ego to the profound and simple desire of the soul – spiritual awakening.

Each day I set the energy in my home space using this mantra:

Today, let this space be a space of peace, power, growth and transformation. Let me be an authentic example of unconditional love and acceptance. Thank you for the clarity and insight that opens me to see the sacred in all things.

Today my intention is to seek peace, power, growth and transformation.

“I hold no cherished outcome”

Thought divides us, experience connects us. It is through experience that we learn compassion for one another. When we engage in relationship without demands or expectation, we enter into a graceful courtship with the Divine. This receptivity is pure and leads us into a time of unbounded gratitude for whatever life brings.

The next time you find yourself in conversation with another, observe the thoughts that run through the mind while you are “listening”. You may be surprised at the busyness of the ego. Authentic listening demands that we forget ourselves completely (not an easy task) and become the Divine feminine – open and receptive, a conduit for energy, light and love. We cannot achieve communion by being aggressive. Open the door and wait.

Each time another piece of the puzzle falls into place we develop a greater perception of the whole. Life is full of ending and new beginnings and we have the opportunity to celebrate both. See the picture of your expanding consciousness, the nature of Wholeness and love in the mirror of the world around you.

Today my intention is to live in the light, love and laughter of  authentic communion.