Chaos always precedes tremendous growth

Your purpose is to awaken.

“Spiritual work is possible in one place alone: here, in exactly what you are experiencing right now.”
~Ezra Bayda~

Every once in a while we can become complacent. Things are going well, life is peaceful, and we relax a bit. These are the moments to go deeper into your spiritual work. Keep utilizing your tools so that they are easily accessible when challenges make an appearance in your experience.
There are always new levels of consciousness to explore. If life shakes you up, it’s a sign that your soul is ready for a new level of understanding and enlightenment. See how quickly you can transform any feelings of being overwhelmed into excitement about the changes that are obviously in play.
Conscious surrender is an indicator of empowerment. It brings us into a state of mind where we can see more clearly. Mastery is learning how to respond to life in a way that is courageous, peaceful and compassionate. As you discover your strength and grace, you’ll come to discover that you can always handle anything that life may have to offer.
Today my intention is to remember that peace comes through residing completely in the Now. I am right where I need to be.
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