Love is the goal

See yourself as a lifetime student of Love.

“I create my own experiences. As I love and approve of myself and others, my life gets better and better.”
~Louise Hay~

Life presents endless opportunities to love. Sometimes it comes through challenge and contrast, sometimes with passion, others with laughter, ease and grace. Our mission is to explore the many facets of love which are expressed throughout our human experience.
Egoic love can shift very easily to hate. Disappointment, demands, judgment, attachment and lost dreams can leave us feeling lost. These are the moments to explore ways to return to soul-based love such as forgiveness, self-love, acceptance and compassion.
The pendulum swings: love to hate to neutrality. Learn to be a loving support and a consistent friend. Bless those who have graced your experience, whether for a moment or a lifetime. The greatest way we can demonstrate love is to support one others growth with gentleness and patience.
 Today my intention is to remember that love is always all around me.
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