Peace begins with me

First, create peace within your own mind… from there, anything is possible.

“Maturity has nothing to do with your life experience. It has something to do with your inward journey, experiences of the inner.”
Spiritual maturity is a deep realization of the fulfillment of your potential. As we realize that there is nothing to prove and no one special to be, we become peaceful in the present moment. Your life experiences will reflect your inner peace as the dance of existence takes on a new quality.

When you reach this stage of awakening, you’ll discover that nothing outside will ever be more important than your joy. Slow down. Be fully present and enjoy what is. Eat peacefully. Observe peacefully. Work peacefully. You have the power to create ease and grace within your experience.

Practice stillness. Sit and breathe while quieting the mind. A little quietude each and every day will open new dimensions of insight. As you explore within, you’ll discover a deep well of peacefulness that exists even when life presents a flurry of activity and change. This is empowerment.
Today my intention is to honor the truth of my soul. I live in harmony with life itself.
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