Healing angels

Patterns repeat until we no longer need them.
“The fact that relationships often bring the most painful and unhealed aspects of our life out of the shadows makes them a powerful teacher. Yet who really wants such a teacher? In truth, what we want from relationships is… what we what! The beauty of relationships as spiritual practice is that the disappointment of not getting what we want eventually motivates us to awaken.”
~Ezra Bayda~
In the dance of life, lessons will arrive in differing forms until we have had the opportunity to examine them from every angle. Experience leads to wisdom and wisdom leads to compassion.
When we are ready to break free from a limiting belief, we will send out a request (at the level of spirit) indicating our desire to face a particular pattern. The souls who respond love you enough to risk your displeasure (on the level of form) and will play whatever role is needed for your growth. These beautiful souls are called our healing angels.
Our healing angels provide an opportunity to release old beliefs or discover a healthier way of dealing with repeating challenges. Resist nothing. Observe what role you may play in repeating circumstances and consciously choose to do things differently. This may take a few tries, after all, you’re exploring new realms of experience. It can often be difficult to recognize a pattern when you are immersed within it; however, asking yourself if a particular situation is bringing up familiar feelings, responses or thoughts is a good place to begin.
Finally the day will come when you recognize that you’re responding differently than you ever have. You may see the humor, feel neutral, or simply have compassion for those who have yet to learn that particular lesson… and then it’s off to the next.
Today my intention is to be grateful for those who have helped me to break free from limiting beliefs.
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