Mindful communication

What type of energy are you adding to our collective experience?

“The heart that seeks to awaken, to live genuinely, is more real than anything. That nameless drive calls you to be who you must truly are.”
~Ezra Bayda~

The ego loves to hear itself talk. Without realizing it, many simply give it free rein with a litany of complaints, judgments, gossip, or the recounting old traumas and experiences. Many believe this dysfunction is healthy and normal.

“Harm none” is more than approaching life in a mindful and magical way. It calls upon us to be aware not only of our actions, but also of the words we speak, where we allow our minds to dwell and ultimately, how we express ourselves in the world.

Every moment offers an opportunity to express love. Before you speak, ask yourself if what you intend to say is uplifting, beneficial or compassionate. You may be surprised to recognize how often the ego wants to add something useless or negative to the conversation. Take frequent pauses. Bring mindfulness to your expression of life.

Breathe, love, be, smile, celebrate and honor the sacredness of the Now.

Today my intention is to share my gifts and embrace the mystery of existence. I am a lifetime student of love.

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