Honor all paths as sacred

Be proud of your unique gifts. There has never been, nor will there ever be, anyone who brings your perception and talents to the planet. No matter where you reside on the Path of Transformation, you are right where you need to be. It’s empowering to realize that in every moment, you are doing the […]

The art of surrender

The ego will tell you that you must win at all costs because it equates loss with death… and it a way, it’s true. Losing the ego results in the death of its control over your life and actions. The art of surrender is a way to empowerment. We recognize and acknowledge the ego’s desire to […]

Why we seek transformation

Transformation is desired when we seek to have a better life. Spiritual awakening changes how we respond to the world around us and provides an opportunity to rise above the repetitive drama and challenges experienced by humankind. A spiritual approach differs from that of traditional religion by creating personal responsibility and consciousness rather than demanding […]

Raising your vibrational frequency

As you raise your vibrational frequency your body begins to process energy differently. Thoughts move more quickly to become things. Your ability as a co-creator of your reality is enhanced and you may discover that life responds to you in a more powerful way. It’s important to take the time to nurture yourself as you […]

The healing angels of our lives

When we are ready to heal a particular aspect of our lives, we send out an energetic vibration asking for assistance. A soul contract is completed on the higher levels of existence which draws in someone who will behave in a way that will trigger an old issue. As it rises to the surface, the ego […]


One of the most loving gifts that we can give those who grace our lives is attentiveness. All too often people race from one moment to the next, always a step ahead, lost in their own mind and distracted during their encounters. We forget that every interaction has the capability to transform our journey in unimagined ways. Many people […]

Be willing to let go

When we have spent many years (or in some cases, lifetimes) carrying a particular belief or pain, it becomes part of our ego-identity. The mind cannot fathom what it would be like to be clear of that energy and creates resistance, even when it’s apparent to us from a logical perspective that we would be […]

Love without limits

And still, after all this time, the sun has never said to the earth, “You owe me.” Look what happens with a love like that. It lights up the sky. ~ Rumi ~ The voice of Rumi filled my dreams last night… it’s wonderful to experience the love which still emanates from this amazing teacher […]

All life celebrates your awakening

The wellspring of energy from which we drink is infinite and we are consistently supported in love. The Universe never desires to punish or trick you – that type of thought is merely a mechanism of the ego used to distract you from the knowledge of what you can create. Our ability to understand the […]

Put down your burdens

Every disagreement, every challenge that we encounter is an opportunity for spiritual enlightenment for all of those involved. All that is required is that one person be open to a new paradigm. The resulting shift in energy creates a space in which a transformation can occur. Think of how important that makes your personal path […]