Living Courageously

The only way to connect with all of existence is to go inward. Deeper than the stories of this lifetime and beyond the limiting patterns of belief, resides a soul who was willing to enter the challenging and beautiful school of physical reality. When you live with great awareness as the observer, life becomes a odyssey of discovery. Each step reveals new layers of wisdom.

In this free will world, nothing is guaranteed. We must believe in our potential in order to take a risk. We must explore the unknown, learn from our challenges, and constantly walk forward into the light of awareness. Too often, we hold ourselves back out of fear. From something as simple as saying “no” when appropriate to leaving a toxic situation or reclaiming individuality and confidence, we can find the strength within to make empowering changes.

Let your pilgrimage become a dance of awakening. Seek your own way of being, live authentically and remember that nothing is more important than your state of consciousness. Courage is the first step. Nurtured by faith and by movement, we grow towards the light of the Divine. Drop the ego, release attachment and most importantly, be willing to receive.

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