An Inward Journey

“Allow your creativity to flourish, your imagination to soar, your inner wisdom to guide you, and your consciousness to identify your true Self.”
~J.R. Incer~

Within the present moment there are infinite levels of perception to explore. Stillness creates space within the intensity of life and in that space resides the wisdom of your soul. Imagine cultivating the ability to walk through changes with a sense of inner grace, balance and peace. This aura of empowerment is yours to claim.

New ideas bring inspiration. Willingness to explore adds nuance and potential to the movement of awareness which is rising within you. Utilize your gifts and trust the intuitive longing of your soul. There are no mistakes, only avenues of experience to explore. This world is your playground. Every circumstance provides an opportunity to learn, and as you are transformed, the world around you is changed as well.

Thankfully, there is no end to this process. We are in a constant dance of discovery. Watch the energy as it ebbs and flows. Quiet moments happen for a reason. Take a moment to go inward, reflect and appreciate. There is far more to life than meets the eye.

Know Thyself

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.”

You are far more than the experiences of this life. Underneath the concept of what role you play, your likes and dislikes, goals and dreams, fear and desire, is the true infinite nature of your divinity. Life is filled with opportunities to know yourself at the deepest level.
Practice looking beyond the obvious. Create silent spaces in your experience to explore the vastness of the infinite. See your life as an adventure with the knowledge that you have the ability to emerge from any challenge with surprising courage and resilience.
The awakening spirit lives in his or her own truth. Led by passion and compassion, they walk the path less traveled. If others seek to admonish them, it’s ok. When others seek to revere them, they simply turn inward.
Each of us walks a unique path and it cannot be defined by anything other than our inner wisdom. To know yourself as Consciousness having a human experience frees you from being dependent upon outcomes. A playfulness comes into your life and you’ll discover the joy that is your true nature.


“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”
~Victor Borge~

Bring an open-hearted expansiveness to your experience. Try new things, allow yourself to fail once in a while. See the world as a place of adventure and discovery, for that is truly what it is. Lao Tzu called it the world of ten-thousand things – each offering a unique opportunity for you to explore the vastness of being.

Many live sidetracked by the mind-traps created by ego-driven thought. These illusions take the worst fears from the subconscious and project them onto one’s experience of reality. And even though they are illusion, they can be deadly because they block one’s ability to discover joy and freedom.

Consciousness supports your growth. Life supports your awakening. Every experience provides an opportunity for enrichment. Become the loving witness of life itself. Live totally and intensely, so that each moment is filled with the sacred gifts of love and laughter. Find joy in the small things and rediscover the magic that once inspired you.

We must learn to participate in the dance of existence. Reaction is based upon the past. Response is based upon the present. This moment is filled with limitless possibility.