Life’s simple pleasures

Great beauty can be found in the simple, ordinary things of life. Even the most mundane of tasks take on a sacred quality when approached with awareness, intention and gratitude. It’s important to remember that you dictate how your life unfolds by the energy that you bring to the situations you encounter. When we act out of love, without expectation or attachment, wholly involved in the Now, we can become one with the moment itself.

Be patient with yourself. Sometimes all that is required is a peaceful alertness as we learn to exist aligned and in tune with the energy of the planet. This is a time full of mystery… like the dawning of a new day, there is a quiet anticipation as the awakening happens all around us. In the silence, limitless possibilities await.

Be aware of your relationship to the world around you. Our interconnectedness is becoming more apparent with each passing moment and we learn to see life as a mirror that supports us in becoming whole. The spiritual seeker is learning oneness – through interactions, gratitude, reflection and exploration.

Today my intention is to be fulfilled, blissful, peaceful and what my extraordinary life unfold.

How the mind creates stress

Many people believe that they need to take care of everyone around them. The struggle and juggle until they make themselves sick with worry. Usually at the peak of this experience, they’ll get sick or have an accident which forces them to release control, if only for a little while… and even then they worry about everyone they are letting down by not being there.

Nurturing yourself is the greatest gift that you can give those you love. Take the time to walk alone, savor the textures of life or read a book. Recharge and renew your beautiful spirit and strength. We can help others much more by allowing them the opportunities to struggle, succeed, learn and overcome their own challenges. By excessive overdoing, one actually holds another back from learning their own lessons.

The spiritual seeker brings mindfulness to the situations in which they find themselves immersed – sometimes taking action and at others choosing to observe, the purposeful soul knows the value of a challenge and provides support for those around them. Listen to the messages you receive from your body and from the reflection of life around you. Stress and tension are always indicators that we are becoming stuck in the mind and need to reassess how we are approaching the present moment.

Today my intention is to be at peace. All that I need will unfold at the perfect way at the perfect time.

The melody of love

The vibration that you bring to the planet is unique. We all blend together, weaving beautiful energy, texture and tone that flows throughout the Universe – a masterpiece in the making. Change is the natural order of life. We can resist or flow and even though we may not see the outcome of certain circumstances at the moment (or ever), realize that you are being guided and supported throughout the process.

Teachers walk among us. Healers open to channel the energy of the Divine. Angels are ready to spring into action. Every spark of life dances in celebration within the melody of love. No matter what role you play, you are being asked to trust and allow the circumstances of your life to unfold now. Live in your truth and allow grace to flow within your experience.

Today my intention is to imagine the life of my dreams and live it now.

Possibility, probability and choice

The world of form, and our understanding of it, is constantly changing and evolving. Everything vibrates at its own rate and frequency and therefore contains a particular set of possibilities that we work within to experience what we desire for our soul’s growth. Our expectations and beliefs trigger a set of probabilities within the framework of our previous experience. This is why several people can participate in the same physical experience yet have a different perception of what occurred.

Life itself is a never-ending dance of possibility, probability and choice. When we notice a particular pattern emerge, we now understand that it is a reflection of a deeply held belief or wound from the past which continues to manifest in various ways within our experience. Therefore, you can consciously transform your physical world experiences by learning to change your thoughts. Notice any limitation that you work within and shift from “I can’t” or “everyone always” to “wouldn’t it be nice if…” or something similar which opens the realm of possibility.

In order to create, we must state our intention, be willing to receive and step into the grace of the Divine. Life responds to our thoughts and beliefs and it is time to open to a greater understanding of how this amazing playground of experience works.

Today my intention is to trust the process of my awakening. All things work toward my highest good.

Creating change

Something new is ready to emerge… all it takes is the willingness to expand beyond your comfort zone. Allow joy and enthusiasm to guide your decisions and you will certainly draw in the people, circumstances and opportunities that support this exciting new phase of growth. Our infinite Universe provides limitless opportunities to play and explore, and no matter how much we learn, we are always just getting started and something amazing waits to be discovered.

Seek joy. Since we have limitless possibilities available, why would you choose something boring, safe or repetitive? Sometimes I imagine us as beautiful, childlike souls struggling to make a choice in a candy store… glancing at all the options, remembering the first time we tried a particular treat – wanting that feeling again but also drawn to colorful new ideas, tastes and flavors. As a child, I would blend the two – with my limited resources I would get something that was known and also try something new. It seemed important to set myself up to be happy and take a chance at the same time. Perhaps that is also how we arrange our lives and lessons.

Take some time to celebrate your journey today. Dance as you cleanse your home. Play some music that uplifts your soul. Cook a meal with loving intention… You are alive, an exquisite spark of infinity looking to create a new experience… and no one does it quite like you.

Today my intention is to remember that the Universe totally supports my every thought, belief and desire.


The interconnectedness of life

It’s empowering to discover the impact that our energy has on the world around us… but with great power comes great responsibility. From time to time it’s easy to become lost in the world of form while handling the details of life, and we find ourselves responding to events rather than dictating the flow of them. Nothing is more important than your state of consciousness. Your lifeforce and energy are precious, limitless resources than can allow you to shift the world around you… and that is the point of this human experiment – discovering Oneness with all life.

Step back when you are stressed. Love yourself enough to nurture the mind, body and spirit. Be the change you wish to see. Allow the loving energy of the Divine to flow into every moment. If you cannot handle a situation with joy, enthusiasm or acceptance, it may be a good idea to take the time to shift your energy (or the energy of your home or work space) prior to continuing. This ensures that you are not sabotaging your own efforts with imbalanced energy – what you send out, returns.

You are stronger than you know. If you have forgotten or have yet to discover that, experiment a little bit. Consciously and purposely align yourself first thing today through gratitude, meditation, music or prayer, state the intention of what you desire to be or what energy you would like to project into the world and then pay attention to how the day unfolds.

Verbal Chakra Balance

  • Today I am willing to accept a miracle…
  • to see clearly
  • communicate effectively
  • love unconditionally
  • project the aura of peace
  • embrace my creativity and the joy of being
  • while I walk my talk and speak my truth

Today my intention is to be a loving reflection of the peace and presence in others. Let me be an authentic example of unconditional love and acceptance.

Seeing past the roles

All too often people get lost in judgment of one another and miss the opportunity to experience the moment with an open heart. Simply discovering the role someone is playing in this life leads to a set of assumptions and beliefs that alter how we interact with one another. We have a tendency to feel comfortable with those who have a similar outlook and forget that our differences are what teach us the most.

When you find yourself forming an opinion about someone based upon how they refer to themselves (political party, religion or lack thereof, career, etc), keep in mind that he or she is a human being like any other. All of us come from the same source of love and nothing shifts perception like new knowledge. When we interact without judgment or expectation, we emit a beautiful source of energy and vibration that creates a space in which transformation can occur. Ego needs another ego in order to create conflict. As spiritual seekers, we can consciously rise above the mechanisms of the mind which separate us and touch someone’s life in a loving and peaceful way.

All of us walk the journey of awakening, rising above our challenges, discovering our strengths and learning from experience… seek to know the Divine in one another with the knowledge that our diversity weaves a tapestry of exquisite design.

Today my intention is to honor each and every path as sacred.


For several mornings in a row now I’ve awakened at 3:33 – the joyful and liberating cosmic “Yes!” from the Universe. Messages come to us in all sorts of ways and part of the fun is learning to decipher them and see how they apply to our lives and experience. Since the number 3 represents flow and harmony, the trinity of energy (positive, negative, neutral), open communication, playfulness and so much more, it reminds me to open to life knowing that I am safe and guided each step of the way.

Part of the human experience is learning to working within the ebb and flow of energy. There are times when we feel vibrant, pulsating with ideas, enthusiasm, and passion and others where things slow (often preparing for that next surge) and even move into neutral for a much-needed time of rest. It’s important to understand that every aspect of this cycle is important and learn to flow with the energy instead of attempting to force life to flow with what the mind desires.

Seek to discover your own cycles of ebb and flow. Ride the waves of experience with joy and awareness and, when life presents a moment a peace, nurture yourself in preparation for the assistance that is most certainly coming your way. Today is a gift. You are a gift and together we can lift ourselves to new heights of insight, experience and awakening.

Today my intention is to celebrate life.

Some thoughts about Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the gentle awareness and acceptance of the present moment. But more than simply being aware, mindfulness offers us the opportunity to discover oneness with the Divine through our interaction with the physical world. Seeing the beauty in everything takes conscious effort but it doesn’t need to be difficult. Each and every one of us has the ability to retrain the mind.

You can create the life of your dreams. It begins with the decision to stop seeing life as an obstacle to happiness. Mindfulness is doing one thing at a time, fully observant and immersed within the action (or non-action) of your choice. Find the wonder and delight that awaits you within the Now and see it as the vehicle through which you come to know the Divine.

Today my intention is to move beyond limited human-mind thinking and align myself with the infinite Divine Mind where all things are possible.

(Thanks to Louise Hay for today’s intention!)

Teach peace

What can you do to teach peace today? We must be the change that we wish to see in the world and therefore we begin by recognizing that all life is a reflection of the relationship that one has with the Self. See if you can consciously drop all judgment and expectation – for an hour, an afternoon or all day. How challenging is it to remain in complete acceptance with whatever life offers?

The act of conscious observation can be very eye-opening. Many live with an unceasing voice in the mind which creates a sense of discomfort – not enjoying the present moment for a multitude of reasons. When you notice the voice of ego, step back and look at it from the highest perception that you can. Caught in the spotlight of consciousness, it begins to lose its hold.

Take time periodically to breathe deeply and experience the moment as it is. Step into the harmony of your innermost being and choose to say “Yes” to life. When you are able to connect with the stillness of the heart, a playfulness and intelligence emerges that transforms everything. Let yourself be softer and more receptive now. Joy is waiting to be discovered.

Today my intention is to remember that there is much more to life than meets the eye. Every moment provides an opportunity to teach and to learn… and to share the gift of love.