Aspiring to enlightenment

You have chosen to be here now, in this place with your loving insights, for a purpose.

“You must become enlightened in order to most effectively benefit others.”  ~Dalai Lama~

The greatest gift that we can give is our Presence. No matter what the situation, we have the opportunity to bring light where there is darkness, give kindness rather than turn away and teach by example. In order to be consistent in our approach, one must never stop learning. Allow your life to be your message. 

Asking yourself, “How may I be of service in this situation?” can turn your attention inward. As we examine our motivations we discover that helping others helps us to achieve enlightenment. This double helix of energy thus creates a space where transformation can happen.

You have a greater impact than you realize. Your energy intertwines with that of those around you and together you create an intricate symphony of mind, body and spirit.

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