Freedom from attachment

Our attachments create biases that impact our ability to love unconditionally.

“Real compassion does not depend on whether the other person is nice to you.”  ~Dalai Lama~

Our friendships and close connections demonstrate our unconscious biases or judgment. We feel for those we love. Our compassion prompts us to extend a helping hand when they are in distress. But how often do we do that for someone who is currently playing an adversarial role in our development? Many times we may choose to leave them to their own devices or even feel happy to see them struggle. 

Awareness calls upon us to view these soul contracts from a higher level. One who seems an enemy now has often played roles of love, and will again. We must strive to see beyond the roles to the truth of the soul. This insight allows us to be kind without attachment.

Choose to spend the day being equally kind, helpful and compassionate to all who cross your path. Drop any ego-generated stories or judgment and simply treat everyone with the same loving-kindness. We all seek the same thing – to be accepted as we are.

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