Resistance and opposition

Opposition from those around you indicates that you are making significant changes.

“Resistance is the first step to change.”  ~Louise Hay~

When we seek to break free from old patterns and conditions that no longer serve our evolutionary process, the ego will often disrupt our efforts. See this as an indicator that the change you are contemplating has value in the process of your awakening. If the inspiration was just another layer of the old conditioning, the ego would allow you to go your way unimpeded.

Likewise, our changes often have an impact on those who grace our lives. Should you encounter resistance from those who love you, know that it comes from their own ego-generated fear. If you change, they will be forced to shift to compensate for the shift in energy.  Many will seek outside support and sometimes lose momentum if it isn’t received. Dance in the light of your own consciousness and know that the support you seek must come from within.  

Flow with the changes that take place in your life as best you can. See them as opportunities to explore new aspects of yourself. Your willingness to do things differently ensures your continued growth and evolutionary transformation.

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