Mindfulness and transformation

The way to elicit positive change and transformation is mindfulness. Make inner peace and balanced health your first priority – quiet the mind, meditate, and spend a few moments completely free of distractions each day.

When we focus on making conscious choices and make an effort to only use words which support our intentions and desires, we set the stage for a shift in consciousness. Everything is energy and has a collective impact upon your personal vibration.

If mindfulness is something which gets lost in the busy and changeable world of your existence, start small. Choose one hour to be completely mindful in all that you do – in your work, while cleaning  house, preparing dinner or petting your dog – choose to be fully present. Any activity can be used as part of your spiritual practice. As you become well versed in mindfulness, extend the time longer and longer throughout your day.

There is nothing new you need to add to your store of knowledge. Mindfulness is simply a removal of the distractions and negativity that block you from connecting to your source. You can do this now, there is nothing to be gained by waiting.

Today my intention is to remember that I am the awareness of the Universe. I choose to allow love to flow through me into every aspect of my life.

The source of your power…

Expanding consciousness has no limitation. We begin to see past the trappings of the mind and connect to the Divine in our own unique way. This can be challenging for those who are unused to walking forward in confidence without a map; however, this constant act of awakening allows you to advance ever closer to your goals.

The more you can detach from outcomes, the more awareness you exercise regarding the mechanisms of the ego. It transforms from a controlling power in your experience to the spiritual helper it is meant to be. Clarity is available for you now – accept this beautiful gift and share it with others.

Last night some angels came to visit. When I stepped outside for my moments of gratitude, I sensed them bathing in the moonlight while joyfully weaving layers of miracles and energy in the early morning hours. From a human perception, we come from the unknown and move into the unknown. Our consciousness is infinite – much more than what we see, touch, hear, feel and sense – and something far greater emerges as we awaken to our inner potential. This journey is significantly different for each of us and we are surrounded by loving guidance (albeit often undetected) every step of the way.

Beyond any conflict, fear, judgment or confusion is the source of your power. Find ways to integrate the apparent dualities within yourself and discover something entirely new. You are here to find your own inspiration and truth and live it authentically. The blending of opposites creates a beautiful tapestry with weaving of exquisite design and you are the creator of that experience. Ask yourself how you can step into your truth today. What do you have to offer? How can you allow your love to shine?

Today my intention is to honor all the aspects of my growth – to live, celebrate, imagine and accept the miracles which await.

The dance of awakening knowledge

Your life is a dance of awakening knowledge. Open yourself to new perceptions and shift to higher levels of awareness in order to receive the messages of love that await. No matter how much we learn, in an infinite Universe we are consistently finding ways to remove the veils which block our ability to see the big picture.

New pieces of information can change your perception dramatically, and that’s part of the process. Higher points of view offer the greatest opportunity to understand all the implications of the nuances in your life. The spiritual seeker learns to raise their frequency yet be at home within the paradox of changing perception.

This is why observation is key. Be patient while your life situation unfolds. Seek peace within the present moment and learn all that you can. In the dance of awakening you will develop the grace and ease you desire. Then, any necessary action (or non action) will make itself known with clarity, opportunity and resolution.

Life is rarely as serious as our minds make it out to be and as we discover new perceptions, we find new opportunities to play. Celebrate the joy of your journey. Open to the promise of new discoveries and know that something beautiful awaits… When we release the burdens of the heart, the playful soul emerges and walks into the light.

Today my intention is to align my energy with the light, love and laughter of the Universe.

The magnificence of creation

There is magnificence in creation… When we open to the spark of inspiration which clears passageways of new energy, we begin to learn new aspects of our strength. Whether the goal is to heal family relationships, try a new recipe, engage in higher studies or write the first line of a poem, the power of creation is born in courage.

Energetically, courage is the dividing line between immobility and empowerment. We must be willing to take a risk and allow ourselves to be vulnerable. The terminator between light and dark is a line which we all must cross in order to discover our abilities.

Courage is the onset of empowerment – how will you know what you are capable of accomplishing if you don’t try? The moment of transformation begins with taking full responsibility for your choices and actions. In this manner, no outside force can deter you from your happiness. You will no longer give away your energy to those who vibrate at a lower frequency. Instead, all movement will begin within and extend outward into define your experience.

By setting intentions and successful practice, self-honesty and empowerment will become second nature. You will discover the courage required to transcend any obstacle and create a healthy foundation in your life.

Tonight’s full moon is a perfect opportunity to set a new intention and open yourself to the powers of inspiration, courage and creation. Align with love, take a risk and discover your own magnificence!

Today my intention is to think big, to expand into new realms and let my life be a playful expression of the Divine.

The world is our reflection

The world is our reflection. At any given moment, you can measure how much you have evolved by witnessing your response to the people and events you encounter in your day to day life.  Circumstances, whether blissful or challenging, are fluid and it’s important to develop an inner sense of connectedness, peace and balance in order to ride the waves of experience with ease.

The ego will often attach great significance to the highs and lows – feeling extreme joy in times of abundance and frustration or sadness during times of challenge. We don’t tend to notice the mechanisms of the ego when things are going well; however, every “high” must be followed by a proportionate “low”.  You are infinitely greater than the events of your life.

Likewise, the intensity of our response to the unconsciousness in others reveals what aspects of growth still require our attention. Whenever you experience a strong negative reaction to someone, it is because the projection you see is showing you an aspect of yourself which still requires to be healed or balanced. Consistently observe, go within and do your own work. The next time you run into the same situation you may notice that your energy around that issue has become more neutral. Thus, they have lovingly provided you a reflection which verifies your soul’s growth.

Choose to see beneath the habitual layers of reality to the power and depth of the present moment. The ego will often respond to the Now seeing it only as a means to an end, an obstacle or an enemy… but there is greater depth to you and what your soul wishes to accomplish. Through acceptance, we are freed from imprisonment and able to step into limitless possibility.

Today my intention is to accept whatever life offers with the knowledge that every moment contains a gift. I choose to expand into love.

This moment is sacred… love the journey

There is perfection in this moment and you are right where you are supposed to be. The Divine seeks always to aid, uplift, awaken, expand and guide you on your unique Path of Transformation. It is time to learn how to flow with what life offers. This ease and flexibility allows you to enter advanced states of spirituality and in doing so, you become a conduit for healing and inspiration. Old souls have great impact when teaching others by example.

For many, this movement into acceptance is challenging. They cling and fret every step of the way, only to discover that things fall into place perfectly in the end. Only then do they finally choose to move into a state of happiness and trust. Picture the amount of stress created throughout the process and how it affected their experience, health, relationships and joy. Valuable energy is wasted feeding fear and tension when the destination becomes more important than the journey.

This moment is sacred. Will you live it consciously or waste it?

I sat pondering the slight difference in the spelling of sacred and scared. Could it be that there’s only a slight movement required to move from fear to empowerment? From a numerological standpoint, the energy of the two words is identical; however, one is vibrating in the positive pole and one in the negative.

Likewise with dog and god. Same energy – different polarity. Both have the capability to teach unconditional love and remain faithful and fully present in the Now; however, I’ve never heard of war or enslavement brought about as a result of someone’s loyalty to their dog or its breed… but I digress.

Consider that a slight shift can alter everything within your experience. Most likely you’ll discover that it’s something as subtle as a change in perception or the movement from the negative pole into the positive. Your journey is blessed and supported by the Divine.

Today my intention is to love the journey. I am embarked upon the path of liberation, discovering freedom from fear and new ways to trust.

Psychic vampirism and what it can teach us

Ever wonder why being around certain people is draining? You might find yourself feeling tired, headachy or off balance after an interaction and need time to regroup. This is a phenomenon called Psychic Vampirism.

When people are vibrating less than 200 – demonstrated by acting from shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger or pride – they are completely unaware of their ability to connect to the Divine. Unconsciously, they replenish their energy by absorbing it from the people around them.

This energy exchange can happen in a few ways but primarily it comes from strong reactions. Whether in the form of anger or arguments, frustration or an egoic response, the action is the same. Your aura grows large (you might even feel a rush of energy at this point) and flows outward toward the other person. They absorb it and walk away from the interaction feeling much better… leaving you with the need to process and recover your balance.

The best way to stop this unhealthy flow is through neutrality or genuine compassion and unconditional love. For most people, neutrality is the easiest place to get to quickly. When you choose not to respond or feed the energy in any way, you are protecting yourself. The people may (unknowingly) feel thwarted and try another angle, but if you can remain neutral and/or compassionate, eventually they will either move on to deal with someone who will react to them or learn something from you in the process.

When you worry or replay challenging moments in your mind, all your energy flows to the object of your consternation. In this manner, you may find yourself sending your precious and vital energy outward instead of allowing it to create beauty and balance within the present moment.   In this manner, Psychic Vampirism acts as a teacher and demonstrates the importance of remaining aligned with the Now.

Choose to abstain from co-dependent energetic behavior. This gift of love allows each person to process through their own lessons and challenges and teaches you the art of compassionate detachment. When you do choose to give your energy from a space of consciousness and love, you become a channel through which the pure energy of the Divine can flow. This is invigorating rather than draining – uplifting and limitless – and a healthier way to assist one another on the journey.

Your inner purpose is to awaken

Each of us has the same inner purpose – spiritual awakening. The outer purpose – the roles we play, the goals we set and the group of souls with whom we are entwined – can vary differently from person to person. Our unwavering commitment to enlightenment is paramount. It is the purpose of your sojourn here and once realized, provides the foundation for fulfilling the tasks you have set for yourself in this life.

The inner purpose is concerned with being. The outer purpose is concerned with doing. As your consciousness shifts to higher levels, new energy begins to flow throughout every aspect of your life. This beautiful transformation becomes integrated in your responses and outlook and thus, you actively participate in the awakening of the planet.

If you are “trying” to evolve or awaken, that is the ego at work. It brings it’s stories of struggle and practice and works on the belief that it’s somehow hard to become spiritually aware. Allow your commitment to be a gentle desire to live in accordance with joy. Spiritual awakening is a process that cannot be forced. There is no set action that one can take, no rules to follow – instead it is a personal and profound shift in perception that allows you to see life differently.

Your outer purpose may change dramatically throughout your life and that is appropriate. For many years I was committed to being a singer/songwriter. It served the wonderful purpose of helping me to overcome insecurity, discover how to promote myself, cultivate my voice and allowed me to meet my husband. Once I received the gifts that particular goal had to offer, my outer purpose shifted. My commitment now is to share the stories of my growth and to be an authentic example of unconditional love and acceptance. Even my commitment to writing these daily Wow Moments! has changed my life in unexpected and wonderful ways.

So, allow your outer purpose to shift in whatever way feels appropriate to you by following the inner promptings of your heart. All things serve their purpose on your unique Path of Transformation. Your soul’s inner purpose is to awaken. Simple, fulfilling, magical… you can choose to be fully present where you are and take one more conscious step forward.

Today my intention is to allow a deeper meaning to flow into all that I do.

The gift of illumination

Like the sun, you shine ever more brightly as you become more spiritually aware. Whether you’re conscious of it or not, this energy does have an impact on those around you. For this reason, it’s important to cultivate compassion with the understanding that others may not yet be ready to see their own shadows… shadows created by the light you cast.

Often we have to stand by and witness as people create additional challenges in their own experience. The ego’s reactivity creates excessive drama causing them to make choices that keep them stuck or they simply make things much harder than they need to be. These patterns come to the surface because they haven’t yet reached the necessary level of understanding or integrated the lesson they are working on.

Compassion comes from remembering how it felt to be asleep yourself. There was likely a time when you fumbled toward ecstasy, lost in the dark, frustrated and looking for answers… until something within you awoke. Shamans call this illumination. The process of awakening is different for everyone – a chance meeting, the perfect teacher comes at the right time, a burst of inspiration changes limiting perception and growth is possible. As loving beings, it is our job to offer support without judgment and be there to act as guides when someone is ready to ask for direction.

Today my intention is to dance in the light, love and laughter of the Universe… to share a smile, a kind word, a compassionate ear and a loving heart.

Each day is filled with limitless possibility

I love walking in the hours just prior to dawn. The day is filled with limitless possibility and I feel the freedom which comes from knowing that I can choose to create something amazing. Every moment provides this same opportunity, but somehow it’s easy to forget how much power we have over our response to whatever situation arises.
It’s important to have a continued awareness of your state of consciousness and take time to adjust whenever necessary. Nothing is more important than your joy. As you proceed to higher levels of consciousness, it becomes easier to walk the line of neutrality within the paradox hidden in the events of the physical world. Often what we experience contains a myriad of emotion – we deal with the loss of a loved one, financial challenges, we succeed in regard to personal ambition or discover joy in the little things – and yet under all there is an underlying energy of faith… of knowing that all works toward our highest good and that while things may flow in and out of our lives, we walk in the light of expanding consciousness.
We are here to experience all that we can. The layering of human perception weaves a tapestry of exquisite design and each thread supports the next. Each of us is responsible for our own awakening. Leave your friends and family to discover their own truth in their own way and realize that you’ll have the greatest impact by being an authentic and consistent example of an awakened soul. Plant seeds of love whenever possible. Nurture them with ongoing drama-free interactions and observe the changes within yourself. Imagine the world of your dreams and begin living it now. There’s no need to wait.

Today my intention is to make choices that nurture my mind, body and spirit and align my energy with the Divine.