Conscious decisions

You are a master in the process of awakening.

“When we fight something, that thing stays with us. When we accept our problems …they lose power. So the secret to personal overcoming and healing is to accept yourself just as you are. Work within your reality, not someone else’s.” ~St. Germain~

Each of us is in the process of cultivating higher consciousness and the development of inner mastery is a unique journey. Cease comparing yourself to others’ ideas of perfection and instead, choose to see the perfection within yourself. When we are able to live without ego-driven interference, mastery is possible.

The place to begin is in this moment, with your life as it is. Set an intention to bring consciousness to your choices… all of your choices. See everything as an expression of your spiritual work – what you choose to eat, drink, read, how you choose to communicate, work, play, love. Ask, “Is this a habitual choice or something that is healing to my mind, body or spirit?”

These mindful pauses will bring you more deeply into the present moment. The ultimate goal is to appreciate the journey, love who you are and be at peace. How you get there is up to you.

Today my intention is to create a healthy balance in my life experience.  

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