Shamanic energy – hummingbird

When you are ready to embark upon an epic journey, call upon the spirit of hummingbird for assistance.
“When we settle for comfort over discovery, or compromise the soul’s longing to grow, we begin to wither. When we reawaken the great instinct to learn and explore, our lives grow less trivial and become epic.”
~Alberto Villoldo~
Every year, ruby-throated hummingbirds migrate over the Atlantic from Brazil to Canada. These tiny little birds wouldn’t appear at first to have the energy or stamina to journey over 2500 miles; however, they are able to draw energy from the sweetness of life. This instinctual movement represents joyful courage in the shamanic traditions.

When you are faced with daunting circumstances or don’t know how you will accomplish that which seems impossible, call upon the energy of Hummingbird. Let her teach you how to drink the nectar of life, to be fiercely independent, a hard worker and a playful expression of the Divine.

Hummingbird is linked to the 3rd Eye Chakra and awakens soul perception. With spiritual insight we learn to recognize the deeper meaning behind our relationships and experiences. Everything becomes an expression of the sacred.

Today my intention is to act with joyful clarity. I choose to live from the heart and let circumstances unfold as they will.
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