Be kind

Kindness is never wasted.
“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”
~Dalai Lama~
Every moment offers opportunities to be kind to yourself, one another, animals, the planet as well as future generations. When we bring the practice of compassion to our life situation, we become integral aspects of the dance of creation.

Sometimes the ego seeks immediate gratification through reminding another of their shortfalls (as we perceive them), getting in a snarky comeback or simply expounding upon our opinions. That sort of response feeds the negativity of a situation and is a missed opportunity to bring a higher level of consciousness to the present moment.

We are called upon to be channels for Divine energy. Release the need to blame anyone and instead, choose to accept people as they are. There are no enemies – simply souls playing various roles in our collective awakening. Those who are still asleep need your love, not your judgment.
Today my intention is to see every experience as an opportunity to cultivate a greater understanding of my life’s purpose.


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