There’s no need to rush. We’re just getting started.

“To clarify ‘eternal’ just a smidge…
Once the river of time has rounded her final bend,
and the last star in the sky has brightened its last night,
and every child who may ever be conceived
has been given ten thousand names…
we will have just begun.”
~The Universe~
Enlightenment is not about how quickly you can make it to the finish line. Consider how small our many lifetimes of experience are when compared to the infinite nature of the Divine. This playground is meant to be an immersive experience. Allow yourself to fully participate in the present moment knowing that time is an illusion.

The ego loves it when we rush because we tend to miss things and then need repetitive circumstances in order to explore all that awaits discovery. When we slow down and view things from varied perspectives, we access an inner peacefulness that is unshakeable.

Observe yourself today. Notice how often you rush through the present moment to get to something else. Purposefully bring your complete awareness to the Now. Doing so will provide the opportunity to find inspiration within it’s secrets.
Today my intention is to slow down and view everything as sacred. 


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